What makes Mobilisten the right choice for in-app chat support software?


Seamless support experience from anywhere in the app

Your mobile app users can easily connect with your support team at any time via live chat right from the screen they're at on your app. They can also share screenshots and voice notes to explain the issue at hand.


All the data you need for faster resolutions

Mobilisten gives you all the details you need from app users to assess and solve their issues quickly, like device and settings details.


Instant in-app support with chatbots

Don't let your resource constraints impact customers. Deploy an AI chatbot in your mobile app so users can get instant answers to their questions, track orders, or fix appointments, all through the in-app chat.

Key features of in-app chat software


Customer re-engagement with push notifications

Customer engagement doesn't have to be a full-time job. Connect with inactive users by sending contextual and personalized push notifications. You can also add in-app messages to nurture regular app users.

In-app chat software for customer engagement.
Mobile app push notification

User-action-based proactive chat invites

The major reasons for cart abandonment are process complexity, a lack of sufficient information or payment options, and technical issues. Proactively prevent it by setting customized in-app chat invites to help app users with their purchases so that you never miss out on a sale.

Engage mobile app users with in-app chat triggers

Live chat that's tailor-made for your mobile app

Mobilisten isn't just a generic in-app chat support tool plastered on your app. You get to decide how your in-app chat widget and window look. A few quick tweaks are all it takes to make your in-app chat blend right in with your mobile app.

Customize your in-app chat window
Match your in-app chat window to your mobile app and branding
Customize your mobile app live chat window to suit your branding

Multilingual in-app chat support

Got customers all over the globe? No problem. With real-time in-app chat translation, Mobilisten lets you interact with visitors in 33 languages—even those with right-to-left scripts like Arabic and Hebrew.

In-app support chat translation

Knowledge base for self-service

Add a multilingual live chat knowledge base with answers to frequently asked questions and articles that users can access right from the in-app chat window so that you have more time to address more complex queries. You can also deploy an AI-driven knowledge base chatbot that parses through these FAQs and articles and responds to customers.

In-app chat articles for self-service

Integrations with your favorite apps

What good is customer data that's buried in your CRM or support tool? Mobilisten works with many third-party and Zoho apps you use every day, so your entire sales, support, and marketing tech stack can really "talk" to each other and work as one.


Install our sample app to see Mobilisten in action.

Overview of in-app chat support software

What is in-app chat?  

In-app chat is a real-time communication functionality inside a mobile app. It enables mobile app users to have real-time conversations, and seek assistance from support teams without leaving the app.

How is in-app chat different from in-app messaging? 

  • In-app chat In-app messaging
  • Real-time two-way communication between a business and its mobile app users Automated notifications in the mobile app as part of the intended app-usage flow or in response to the user's actions
  • Typically for support Typically for onboarding, user engagement, and conversion
  • Handled by live chat agents or chatbots Added to the app by the developer

What is in-app chat support software?  

In-app chat support software is a specialized software that enables businesses and mobile app developers to integrate chat support functionalities directly within their mobile apps. In-app chat support software facilitates real-time communication between users and support agents from within the app.

Why do mobile apps need live chat?  

  • Live chat in your mobile app allows you to address user concerns, provide more details, offer discounts, and assist with the decision-making process, which leads to increased conversions and sales.
  • In-app chat helps mobile users reach out to a support agent with any problem they face in the app. Support agents can troubleshoot problems in real time and provide solutions, improving the overall app experience and minimizing app abandonment.
  • It helps user navigation through the app and reduces bottlenecks with user-action-based, in-app chat pop-ups.
  • People use mobile apps for convenience, and in-app chat support is synonymous with ease of use and speed.
  • Routine requirements, such as order tracking, subscription upgrades, and searching for a particular product, can all be automated using chatbots in your mobile app.
  • Live chat conversations can provide valuable insights into user preferences, pain points, and common questions or issues. This information can be used to improve the app's features, fix any app issue, and enhance the user experience.

What are the key features of in-app chat software?  

  • The ability to customize in-app chat software to match your mobile app's and brand's aesthetics.
  • The option for mobile app users to have real-time chats with agents without leaving the screen they're on.
  • Chatbot functionality to provide around-the-clock, in-app chat support.
  • The option to display in-app chat self-service articles and FAQs.
  • The capability to share images, links, videos, and other media files via chat.
  • The ability to capture relevant user information, such as app-specific details, device details, and settings to provide personalized and contextualized support.
  • The option to deliver real-time updates through push notifications and in-app messaging.
  • Real-time chat translation to provide global support.

What are the benefits of using in-app chat in mobile apps?  

  • Seamless communication: In-app chat provides a convenient and seamless communication channel for users within the app itself. Users can contact the business without having to switch between different apps or platforms, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Convenient and personalized assistance: Users don't have to go to their mobile settings or device data to share the details needed for support—in-app chat software allows agents to view the necessary app and device data and provide solutions quickly.
  • Cost-effective and efficient form of support: In-app chat provides users faster resolutions than any other forms of customer support and automation, and scalability with bots means lower support costs. Users can also share screenshots or recordings, making issue resolution more effective.
  • Continual user experience: In-app chat ensures that a user who switches from your website to the app and back can continue the same conversation they've had with your team.
  • Better customer engagement: In-app chat software helps you identify your most valuable users, their behavior on the app, and their preferences; engage them proactively; and increase app usage and loyalty.
  • Valuable insights into app performance: In-app chat interactions provide valuable insights into user preferences and the problems users face. Businesses can gather feedback, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the app and the user experience.

How to choose the best live chat for mobile applications  

The live chat software solution you choose for your mobile app should pass the following requirements:

  • The in-app chat support software should be easy to install and set up, and customizable to match your mobile app and brand.
  • It should be compatible with popular app development platforms.
  • It should provide a seamless user experience for both mobile app users and live chat agents.
  • The in-app chat support software should have all of the features discussed under 'What are the key features of in-app chat software?'
  • The software should be scalable to accommodate future business growth.
  • It should have integrations with most of your tech stack to give you a unified customer view.
  • Ensure that the in-app chat support solution offers robust encryption, complies with relevant data protection regulations, and provides the necessary measures to protect user data.
  • The live chat solution should have comprehensive help documentation, developer resources, and responsive customer support. Prompt and helpful support can be crucial during the integration process and ongoing maintenance.