You can build your Zobot assistant with two platforms Deluge and Dialogflow. Data Enriched Language for Universal Grid Environment or Deluge, is an online scripting language integrated with Zoho SalesIQ. Deluge is deemed to be robust and easy to use because of the user-friendly syntax. The deluge script builder offers a drag and drop user interface, thus leaving out the task of remembering deluge syntax and functions for the user. To know more about deluge refer the deluge guide. Dialogflow is a google owned bot building platform using which you can build your Zobot without any hassle. Dialogflow is designed for everyone, even if you are not a coder you can build your bot using dialogflow and integrate with SalesIQ

Integration with Zobot 

You can script your Zobot using Deluge or Dialogflow. In Deluge for every action performed in Zobot, a corresponding deluge function will be executed. With which you can create your powerful chat bots and customise them as per your business needs. For example, bot can handle your website visitor chats, forward chats to humans, block a visitor chat, collect input via calendar, can collect multiple input in a single response and much more. Using the Dialogflow platform, you can build the bot completely and integrate with Zobot. You can use the JSON, input cards and output cards offered by SalesIQ to set actionable responses in the Dialogflow dashboard.