Zoho Reports has added a lot of cool features recently. Let’s see some of the major features that have come in.

Scheduled Emailing of Reports with Filter Criteria 
You’ve created a set of monthly sales reports. Only that you’d want to filter the region, so as the regional heads see the sales data of their own regions alone. We’ve seen how this can be done in Zoho Reports, without duplicating the same set of reports for each regional head. Now, let’s say you want the same reports to be mailed periodically to the intended recipients. This is possible now. All you’ve to do is,

  • Open one of the reports to be mailed
  • Click ‘Export’ -> ‘Email Multiple Views’ -> ‘As PDF’
  • In the ‘Format & Options’ tab, choose the reports to be mailed
  • In the ‘Email’ tab, check the ‘Apply Corresponding Share Filter Criteria’ option.

Checking the box will make sure the same sharing filter criteria that was applied to the user when the reports were shared to her, gets applied to the emailed reports too.

Moving Calculations Support
Let’s say you’re analyzing stocks, indices, temperature or any variable that fluctuates widely every day. The raw chart when plotted will be too noisy in this case. And this is where a moving average line can bring in more clarity, by showing you a clear trend. Zoho Reports now provides Moving Calculation options which can automatically plot a moving average line.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 11.18.41 am

Not just Moving Average, the Moving Calculation function also offers Sum, Maximum and Minimum options.

Dashboard Export Option
Zoho Reports now provides a couple of options when exporting dashboards.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 11.20.03 am

The second (and new) option – Each Report in a New Page – will be the better option when you have tabular reports as part of the dashboard.

Other Enhancements

  1. In addition to csv, xls, html and text files, you can now import xlsx files into Zoho Reports.
  2. Chart borders can be customized now (you can choose the sides of the chart where you want a visible border).

Try out these new features in your favorite SaaS BI solution now!

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