Consider this. You have created a beautiful monthly financial report using Zoho Reports, that you need to share with your CEO and the various business heads of regions. The CEO would like to see the data across regions while the regional heads would like to see the data from his/her own region alone. Previously, you would have made multiple copies of the report you created and shared a report each, to your CEO and to each business head. Now, this has been made simpler. You can apply filter criteria for each of the users you are sharing the report with and achieve it all with just a single report. This brings in two big benefits:

  • Avoid unnecessary crowding of reports due to duplication
  • More fine-grained control over data that is being shared
Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 7.33.54 pm

Filter Criteria‘ is accessible from the Sharing wizard. You can refer to the help documentation here. Use the new sharing filter criteria in Zoho Reports and see many of your old duplicated reports all cleaned up. Let us know how it goes.

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  1. Bill Terry

    Arvind, this is a super enhancement………..kudos.

  2. parimal

    how do i avoid hard coding the filter criteria.
    e.g. if i share a report to 7 users, 3 are in west, 4 are in east. i don’t want to enter the email id and region=east criteria in the share. instead i want to have a table, with two columns user – region & share with all 7 guys at once.
    whenever user 1 opens the report, i want the report to show region = “region associated with user 1 in the user table”
    that way my user-region mapping remains flexible, even if it changes, i just change data, and dont change the report.