Recruiters are actually marketers, and I’m not throwing that term around lightly. They do more than hire candidates. Rather, recruiters research specific industries and job markets by analyzing historical and qualitative data. This is, in a nutshell, marketing. They must source a perfect candidate for a myriad of clients or hiring managers. Imagine doing this day-in and day-out. We can only imagine.

To make the marketing part easier, Zoho Recruit has integrated with MailChimp, the world’s smartest marketing-automation platform. Recruiters can now sync their email campaigns in MailChimp from within Zoho Recruit. This helps them send email campaigns, track how many people open the messages, and see exactly what they clicked. 

Create new recruitment channels.

You can automatically sync candidates and contacts from Zoho Recruit into your MailChimp account. You can sync all the fields between the two platforms, helping you maintain a consistent list across recruitment and marketing.

Design and send appealing, effective email campaigns.

Create and schedule automated emails that follow up on your candidates. With MailChimp’s in-built reports tool, you can see who opened your emails, and how often. This gives you great insight on how your campaign is performing.

Become a well-rounded recruiter today. Start using Zoho Recruit now!

Happy recruiting.

Product Marketer

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  1. Ancuta

    Hi, is there another option besides using zapir to integrate Zoho recruit with Mail Chimp? I can’t find this option in my Zoho Recruit account. I want to be very clear that I am using Zoho Recruit and not CRM, as all the tutorials I find are for Zoho CRM.