Love Zoho? Tell a Friend.

When it comes to making a decision these days, a recommendation from a friend goes a long way.

Will you help us spread the word about Zoho?

How does it work?

Use our referral portal to:


    Send an Email

    Send your friend an email. We already have a template ready to go, so all you have to do is click "send."


    Share on Social Media

    Share a public social media post. Just make sure you tag @Zoho and use #ZohoShoutOut so we can see it!

    It’s as easy as that.


What do you get?

You get the satisfaction of knowing you're helping your peers make their workday easier by using Zoho.

Along with that- we'd also love to make sure we thank you. For this to happen, make sure you use our portal and follow the instructions above.

Easy, right?


Frequently asked questions

  • 1. Who can I refer?

    You can refer anyone you think would benefit from using Zoho- they just need to be someone outside of your organization. We prefer you use their work email whenever possible.

  • 2. How many people can I refer?

    The more the merrier. We don’t believe in that “threes a crowd” stuff. Share it with as many folks as you want.

  • 3. Does my social media post need to be public?

    It's easier for us to see if it's public, but it's up to you. We definitely respect your privacy! (Have you read our privacy policy?) You are welcome to shoot us an email if you prefer not to make it public. Not an issue.

    Emails are private between you, us, and the recipient. We will not make those public.

    OR you can use your unique referral link and if your referral signs up for Zoho, we can track your share through that. (The caveat is the referral would need to register for a Zoho product for us to see it.)

  • 4. What if the person I refer, ends up signing up for Zoho?

    We’ll be every grateful to you for sharing the love. While, not guaranteed, we are known to send surprises out as a thank you.