1. Michelle Colbran

    We use Projects a lot but find it’s functionality quite limited to support project needs.

    1. We need to be able to enter working hours by individual not by business.
    2. We need non working days by individual, not by business.
    3. Time spent is only taken from the Task, sub tasks hours don’t flow into the primary task like it does in MSP. This means we have to keep moving budgeted hours around, it makes project management very manual, but sub tasks having very little value.
    4. We need Staff Cost and Staff Billable Rates by Tasks. Currently the system assumes we charge the same amount for every job a staff member does but we charge clients different rates based on whether we work onsite or offsite.
    5. I’d like to track staff costs, not just billable rates so we can do Job Profitability reports.

    I’d really like to see these key 5 changes before the reports have any value to us.

  2. Winnie Goh

    I would like to know can I add the Feed to my Zoho home screen with widgets? Do you have any free trial layout, which I would like to explore if it’s suitable for my project use so that I would like to subscribe to it?

    • Pearlyn Anugraha

      Hi Winnie,
      You will not be able to add Feed to the home screen widgets, but there is a tab called “Feed” right next to Home that lets you view all activities across projects. If you’d like to explore all features mentioned in the blog, do let me know, I can give you a free trial of our Enterprise version.

  3. Kris Burns

    Does Zoho Projects work with Zoho Sprints?

    • Pearlyn Anugraha

      Hi Kris,
      No, right now. they are two separate products.

  4. Matthew Brake

    Hello, our office is near Hannibal, Ohio, but we do a significant amount of work in the State of West Virginia. For tax purposes, we need to keep track on the time sheet where the work was done. Could we add a custom field for location on the timesheet or pull the location information from the task? Thanks!

    • Pearlyn Anugraha

      Hi Matthew,
      I understand that what you require is custom fields for timesheets. Right now, this is not possible. We will consider implementing this in the future. Thank you. 🙂

  5. Marcio Saraiva de Oliveira

    O zoho parece ser uma ferramenta muito interessante e estamos testando na minha empresa para usar… mas esta faltando um recuro muito utili para minha organização é a dependencia de tarefas entre projetos:

    Exemplo eu crio uma tarefa em um projeto e uma sub tarefa em outro projeto pois nos separamos os departamentos da empresa em projetos.

    • Pearlyn Anugraha

      Hi Marcio,
      We are introducing three new dependencies for tasks in our upcoming release, but dependencies among projects is something we are yet to take up. Do continue evaluating our product and write to us if you need any assistance.

  6. Ahmad Mezher

    What plan will enable connection to Active Directory users for my company?
    Is there any feature that allows me to show reports for a group of projects?

    • Pearlyn Anugraha

      Hi Ahmad,
      Reports for a group of projects is something we will be taking up in the future. Thanks for your suggestion!

  7. Pietro Stopponi

    I find the new canvas excellent. But it would be even more perfect if it would be possibile to put a canvas under another one, if they are short.
    It this way it is possibile to have more tabs in the same page.

  8. Pravith Narayan

    When I try to add a custom field to the standard layout, it says I need to upgrade to premium plan. But I am already on a premium plan.

    • Pearlyn Anugraha

      Hi Pravith,
      The custom fields feature is available only in our Enterprise plan. The message says you will not be able to access them in the Premium plan and that you have to upgrade.

  9. Ann Sweety

    Am unable to set reminder for the task assigned. Such an option cannot be found!

    • Pearlyn Anugraha

      Hi Ann,
      You will find the Reminder option under the Task Information section on top.

  10. Hardeep Rupal

    I think we really need to be able to export all documents into a zip file in one swoop. Or even do Document folders separately.

    Once the project is finished, there is no way of backing up all the ducuments that were used for it.

    • Pearlyn Anugraha

      Hi Hardeep,
      You can download your document folders as a zip file by right clicking on the folder’s name and clicking “Download”.

  11. Tony

    I can no longer see my task descriptions after creating the task. What happened?!

    • Pearlyn Anugraha

      Hi Tony, you may have scrolled the page. The description is at the top right after the task title.

  12. Randall Moore

    Zoho is Awesome… love all these updates ! What a feature rich product.
    Can you please add being able to include the comments associated with the tasks (logged time) on the zoho projects / timesheet view? when exporting to a pdf.
    currently one has to export an excel file, open in zoho sheets and then export to pdf to get access to the logged time comments

    • Pearlyn Anugraha

      Hi Randall! I’m glad you are loving the updates.
      I understand your pain point. I’ll relay this to our development team and we’ll keep this in mind going forward.

  13. Tulio

    Wow, read my thoughts. You’ve introduced two of the missing features that made me search for alternatives up to precisely today. Love to see the progress, gonna stick around for a bit more now. 😉

    • Pearlyn Anugraha

      Hi Tulio, your search ends today. 🙂 Thanks for sticking around with us. Do use the features and let us know what you think.

  14. Anup Thomas

    Love Zoho!! Keep up the good work!

  15. Orrin Wolf

    Excellent updates! Will there be tighter integrations with Zoho CRM, like the ability to see and even tasks and reminders across both?

    • Pearlyn Anugraha

      Thanks, Orrin! Right now, your tasks are synced between both, but you don’t have the ability to see the reminders yet.

  16. Dane

    This is great. Glad to be invested in such a progressive company.

  17. Justin

    You are doing amazing work at Zoho! I’m loving Zoho Projects, and this update comes at the perfect time. Thanks!

    • Pearlyn Anugraha

      Hi Justin! I’m glad you think so. Do use the features and let us know what you think!

  18. Adriano

    Nice announcements. Are custom fields for tasks also available through the API?

    • Pearlyn Anugraha

      Thanks, Adriano! Yes, they are available through the API too.