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The top 7 HR trends to look out for this year

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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We have officially entered the last year of the decade. The business world has witnessed countless changes and developments over these 10 years, and they have revolutionized the way we think and work. Technology that was once considered only something of the future is now available in our everyday professional lives. Human resources is no exception. With 2020 already in full swing, we’ve put together a list of HR trends that will impact businesses and pave the way for the next decade.

1. The hand of tech

This decade, the HR sector became integral to business operations unlike ever before. Paperwork and filing cabinets were gradually replaced with consolidated software programs and cloud computing, allowing for faster and more efficient HR processes. Automation and AI have taken over most routine work, enabling HR professionals to focus more on their people and bridging the gap between employees and management. Check out how Zoho People HR software can help in employee engagement.

2. Pitstop performance management

Remember those times when you sat with your manager for a yearly performance review? If not, it may be because employees now prefer continuous feedback from management. Today’s employees are more goal-driven and want to keep track of their growth. Having regular one-on-one meetings will foster a healthy work environment and will also provide more insights into the employee’s potential and long-term goals. Personalized performance feedback is another method of improving employee experience in the organization.

3. Engage every employee

Employee engagement has been vital for many years and will continue to be in the future. Companies are becoming more employee-centric, and finding new ways to engage and retain talent is paramount. There a talent shortage and skills gap around the world. In part due to the gig economy, employees evaluate jobs very seriously and prefer to work remotely. There has also been a significant decrease in unemployment. However, according to research conducted by Gallup, the quit rate in the American workforce is 2.3% (the highest in 15 years), and about 67% of US employees are disengaged at work. To keep employee turnover low, organizations have to focus more on engaging their skilled employees. Read these 8 tips to engage your employees.

4. Upscale your upskilling

The potential to improve or learn new skills has become an important factor that employees consider when searching for a job. As mentioned before, employees need to see a future for themselves in the organization. They need to be mentored, taught, or given the resources to upskill themselves. On-the-job training has been a buzzword for some time, and even new recruits need opportunities to learn and prepare themselves for better roles inside the organization. Organizations have geared up to adopt virtual learning, learning management software, and gamification as part of their employee benefits. Learn more on why it’s important to have a learning culture at work.

5. Advanced analytics

The world runs on data. 2020 will witness the rise in better data analytics that provide clear insights on business and workforce management. Analytics enable you to track performance, absenteeism, and work patterns. Rather than using this data only to scrutinize your team’s productivity or completion rates, understand what can be changed so they can perform better. Advanced data analytics will help you increase retention, optimize HR processes, and make informed business decisions. There will be a surge in data usage everywhere from the workforce to global markets, and it will influence turnover and talent development.

6. Transparency

Employees yearn to work in an open and transparent organization with progressive methodologies and meaningful employee experiences. These factors matter more to today’s workforce than higher pay. Employees expect the upper management levels to act with professionalism and provide a place for them to voice their suggestions and opinions.

7. Workforce diversity

The workforce of today is filled with people of different generations, nationalities, and passions. What excites one may not engage the other. You need to make your workplace an inclusive space for people of all backgrounds and talents. Millennials make up most of today’s workplace, and they are decidedly more tech-savvy than employees from previous generations. They often have a different perspective on business problems and should be given the space to experiment. HR should understand the significance of this workforce trend and cater to the needs of all employees. 

Change is constant, but trends come and go. These trends are predictions based on the research by top global HR professionals. It’s suggested that you read more about them before you implement them into your business strategies.

 Do you have more trends to look out for in 2020? Comment below, and let us know!

 “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in the future.”

― Steve Jobs

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