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Join Zoho People’s HR Community, a space for all things HR

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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HR Community by Zoho People

Joining a digital community is a good way to feel a greater sense of connection, especially during a time when being together physically is less safe. It allows you meet, interact, and talk with new people who have similar interests as you. That’s why at Zoho People, we have been working to establish a community for HR professionals, and we are super thrilled to announce that it’s becoming a reality. Introducing “The HR Community,” an online forum where HR professionals from diverse backgrounds come together to discuss all things HR. With our HR Community, we’d like to give HR professionals a platform to support each other, share their experiences, learn different perspectives on HR techniques, and seek solutions for common workforce challenges. Here’s what this forum can help you do:

  • Share your expertise and knowledge

We wanted to create a space where you can connect with like-minded individuals and get different perspectives on common HR situations. Our goal is to facilitate a safe space where others will hopefully join in discussions and speak from their standpoint openly. As everyone’s ideas come together, this can help you create new HR initiatives or strategies in your organization based on what was shared. 

  • Get your questions answered

The ultimate goal of our HR Community is to help HR professionals sustain each other and grow as a community. The field of HR management is very dynamic, and as an HR professional, you are always expected to introduce new initiatives to keep up with the changing expectations of your workforce. With our HR Community, we wish to create a space where you are able to post your questions freely and get them answered by fellow community members who have expertise in that area. This will facilitate the exchange of advice, insights, and the knowledge required to succeed in HR management.

  • Interact with HR thought leaders

We also have HR thought leaders on board to help our community members stay updated on the latest workplace trends and learn the best practices for adapting to these changes.

With the HR Community, we intend to create a fun, engaging, and interesting space for HR professionals. Anybody from the field of HR management can join our HR Community to engage with fellow HR professionals. Please fill in this form, and you will receive the invitation to join. Accept the invite to be a part of our community! If you are having issues joining, please let us know in the comments section below and we’ll resolve it as soon as possible for you!

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