What's new in Zoho People? May 2022

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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Product updates from Zoho People - May 2022

At Zoho People, our goal is to continually evolve our product by adding useful features that help HR community members automate repetitive tasks, minimize paperwork, and provide an exceptional working experience to their employees. We've introduced a new set of features and enhancements this month too.

Here's what's new in Zoho People since May 2022:

  • Enhancement to the timesheet settings

In Zoho People, the timesheets feature helps managers and HR teams track the amount of time employees put into every project and raise accurate invoices for customers. The timesheet feature comes with a multitude of settings so you can customize it to fit your organizational needs and reduce administrative work. With our new enhancement, time log entries with start and end times can be pushed to attendance automatically from timesheets. This way, employees associated with those particular time logs will be marked as present automatically, reducing extra work. This setting has to be enabled under Attendance Integration Settings on the timesheet settings page. Learn more about this enhancement 

  • Option to lock course modules in LMS

The Learning Management System in Zoho People allows organizations to create multiple courses, support different learning styles, train multiple employees at once, attach course materials, and a lot more. It has everything your organization will ever need to provide an organized learning experience to your employees. Each course created in our LMS can contain multiple modules so that it's easy for learners to complete the courses. With our new enhancement, certain modules can be kept locked until the learner completes the required course sections. These modules will automatically unlock once the other course sections are completed. Learn more about this enhancement 

  • Option to notify learners when a course is overdue

Zoho People's LMS has been designed in a way that makes it easy for learners to complete their training programs and helps training admins reduce repetitive tasks. It's now possible in Zoho People's LMS to remind learners to complete a course if they have not finished it by the specified deadline. This way, training administrators don't have to send emails to follow up with learners.

Wrapping up

All of these features and enhancements aim to make work easier for HR teams without compromising on the employee experience. Take these features for a spin and let us know your feedback in the comments section below. For queries, please write to support@zohopeople.com.

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