What's new in Zoho People: February 2023

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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Zoho People Product Updates - February 2023

At Zoho People, we have only one goal in mind: to free HR teams from administrative processes that take their time off strategic tasks. As we step into March, we wanted to give you all a quick overview of everything that our development team worked on last month. Here's what's new in Zoho People since February 2023:

  • Option to import breaks in Attendance

Zoho People's attendance management system comes with a multitude of features to help HR teams capture their employees' working hours accurately in a way that is convenient to them. As part of the attendance management system, HR teams can import and export attendance data so that they don't have to enter data manually. Before, only employee email addresses, work IDs, and check-in and check-out entries could be imported. With one of our recent enhancements, the name of the break that employees utilize during working hours can now be imported too. Learn more about importing breaks. 

  • New enhancement to ratings in Continuous Review

Continuous Review is a very useful feature that enables HR teams to conduct performance reviews regularly to make sure employees don't lose their sense of direction. As part of Continuous Review, managers can rate the performance of their employees. With one of our recent enhancements, ratings can now also be customized based on the organization's performance review requirements. Learn more about this Continuous Review enhancement. 

  • New enhancement to Grace Period in Attendance

The Grace Period feature in Zoho People's attendance management system allows HR teams to define how many times employees are allowed to come in late for work and be at work for less time than their usual working hours. They'll also be able to define the amount of leave that will be deducted when employees exceed the number of times they are allowed to come in late for work. With one of our recent enhancements, HR teams can now deduct leave when grace period deviations occur on multiples of a particular number. Learn more about the Grace Period feature. 

Wrapping up

Try out our latest features and enhancements and let us know how they helped you set HR operations right at your organization! For queries, feel free to write to support@zohocorp.com and our support executives will help you.

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