What is human resources software?

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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Understanding the basics of Human Resource Software

The field of human resources is always evolving. HR departments, which were once responsible only for recruitment and other administrative tasks, now spearhead several strategic initiatives like onboarding, employee experience management, change management, and the introduction of new tech tools. This means they have an even greater impact on employees and the organization itself. To manage these newer elements and streamline traditional processes, many HR teams rely on powerful technology. This is where human resources software comes in. In this article, we are breaking down the basics of human resources software and how it makes HR processing simple, less time-consuming, and effective. 

What is human resources software?

Human resources software, also known as HR software, is a technological solution that is meant to simplify end-to-end HR operations and provide all the necessary tools required to ensure a smooth journey for employees. The primary responsibility of this software is to free HR teams from repetitive administrative tasks that would otherwise take several hours to complete. It is a comprehensive solution that usually consists of a variety of modules and features, including an onboarding system, time off management system, attendance management system, shift scheduler, learning management system, and an employee self-service portal.

This kind of software can either be on-premise or cloud-based. With the onset of remote work, more and more organizations are adopting cloud-based systems, as it allows them to complete HR operations on the go, even through mobile apps. Every organization, irrespective of its size or industry, can make use of human resources software.

 Why use human resources software?

Human resources software is becoming prominent among many organizations for the following reasons:

  • Supports remote work

Access to cloud-based human resources software ensures HR teams, managers, and employees can complete all HR processes through a centralized application that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. It can also keep the entire workforce connected with internal chat systems, live feeds, and timesheets.

  • Eases people management

One of the primary goals of human resources software is to help organizations manage employees in a way that brings out their best. Features like performance management and learning management pave the way for elevated employee management, where features like attendance, time off, shift, and case management simplify everyday HR operations.

  • Makes administrative work less tedious

With human resources software in place, organizations don't have to spend more time than necessary completing HR operations. This is because all their HR operations are automated. For instance, certain data like salary hikes may have to be updated in multiple places. The software will update this data automatically, preventing the need for manual entries.

  • Ensures compliance

Most human resources software vendors keep up-to-date on labor laws and adjust their system accordingly. As a result, organizations stay compliant with those laws. Plus, all the essential data and documents are stored centrally and securely within the software for easy and safe accessibility. Because most of the processes are automated, there's hardly any room for errors.

Wrapping up

Human resources software, when used effectively, can truly change how your organization approaches HR management. Your HR team doesn't need to stress while ensuring compliance, and your employees don't need to feel bored or annoyed while completing their everyday HR tasks.

Zoho People, our human resources software, has everything you need to set your HR operations on the right track. It can take care of your entire HR workflow, from employee onboarding to exit management, while your HR team shifts its focus towards more strategic tasks. Learn more about Zoho People.

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