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Top 5 employee information reports every organization should track

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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Tracking employee information reports

Tracking all the key information about your workforce is essential to make informed decisions concerned with resource planning, diversity, budgeting, and other administration-related activities. Taking a data-driven approach to administrative decisions will help you identify the most effective ways to take your organization to the next level using employees, who are invaluable assets to an organization.

Here are five employee information reports every organization should track:

  • Employee headcount report

As the name suggests, the employee headcount report gives a quick overview of how many employees are working with your organization. When you have a low number of employees when your organizational needs are high, it means that your recruitment practices need revision. On the other hand, if you have more employees than your organization really needs, you're likely incurring unnecessary costs, and your hiring team needs to be more prudent during the candidate selection process. If you are a small business, tracking employee headcount is also essential to ensure compliance. After you reach 50 employees, you have to adhere to The Family Medical Leave Act, Equal Employment Opportunity, Employer Shared Responsibility Provision, and other similar laws.

  • Employee diversity report

According to McKinsey, organizations that are diverse and inclusive are 35% more likely to outperform organizations that are not diverse. That's why the employee diversity report is essential to help organizations stay on top of diversity efforts when it comes to gender, location, experience, and age group. Inequalities in this report highlight that your organization should focus more on improving its diversity and inclusion strategies. The diversity report can also be helpful for organizations in ensuring compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, which prevents discrimination of any sort.

  • Employee distribution report

The employee distribution report provides a quick snapshot of employees from different departments, designations, streams, and locations. This report helps you analyze if each department has enough resources to ensure their processes run smoothly. Similarly, it can also show the distribution among employees at the C-level, middle-level, and entry-level, helping organizations recruit the right type of employees.

  • Employee addition report

The employee addition report gives a clear overview of your organization's hiring trends by providing the number and percentage of employees who have joined your organization over a certain period. Tracking this report closely will help you understand if your hiring practices are in line with your organizational needs, and if your current strategy requires changes or improvement.

  • Employee attrition report

The employee attrition report offers insights about the number of employees leaving your organization. Hiring is a very tedious process that involves multiple steps, including posting job openings, conducting interviews, and running background checks, which means it's not affordable to have employees quit due to fixable issues. Tracking this metric with the attrition report will enable you to spot problems in your employee management practices and take quick measures to rectify them.

Tracking employee information

Having a clear idea about key employee-related insights will help you make decisions that are favorable for both your employees and your organization. We hope this post gave you a clear idea of the different employee data reports every organization should track!

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