How to choose a performance management system

  • Last Updated : August 23, 2023
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Tips for selecting a performance management system.

The performance management system has become a go-to tool for many organizations, as it allows them to seamlessly review the performance of remote, hybrid, and in-office employees. While there are many performance management systems available on the market, you must choose a system that is easy to use and consistent with the needs of your organization. Otherwise, your team and your employees may not see its value, and the investment could go waste. Here's how you can choose a performance management system that aligns with your organization:

  • Identify your organizational needs

To select the right performance management system, you must get a clear idea of your current performance management process, the challenges your performance admins are facing, and what you wish to achieve with your performance management process. You'll also want to reach out to your employees to understand what they expect in terms of performance management. Some may want more powerful performance feedback, some may want better tools to track their goals, and others may want self-appraisals to get a better idea of their strengths and weaknesses. Doing your research will help you find a system that aligns with these needs.

  • Finalize the desired list of features

Once you have a better idea about your organization's expectations, pinpoint the features you'd like to have in your performance management system. Keep in mind that your performance management system should be customizable to your unique needs. The system should help you run performance reviews just the way you want. There are also some standard features that every performance system should possess, including multi-rater feedback, goal tracking, self-appraisals, continuous reviews, and performance reports. Check out this blog post to discover the main features of a performance management system.

  • Consider integration capabilities

If you are looking to streamline and automate your other HR operations, you may want to invest in software that includes a few different solutions. A stand-alone performance management system will only cause you to enter the same information in multiple places and require your employees to log into multiple systems. In this case, you'll want to look for software that includes essential modules for attendance, training, payroll, and leave management.

If you just want the performance management system, be sure it has at least the required capabilities to integrate with other HR solutions so that your systems communicate well with each other. This will cut down on repetitive work and help you centralize your data. 

For instance, when the learning management system and performance management systems are integrated, employee skill gaps identified during performance reviews will automatically be captured in the learning management system. Whenever an employee completes a course, the skills that they've acquired will be updated automatically in the performance module.

  • Reach out to vendors

Once you have the list of performance management systems that you're considering, reach out to the vendors for a product demo. Evaluate each system for its features, user-friendliness, and pricing. If you have special feature customization requests, verify that the product can support those needs. You'll also want to ensure that the vendor you choose provides enough support during and after implementation. It should be easy for employees to use the product, so it's best to run a trial with a few of your employees and take their feedback into account.

  • Introduce the system to your employees

Once you set up your new performance management system, present it to your employees. Explain what the tool is used for and why you are implementing it, and take time to provide complete training on how to use the features. Provide employees with access to the help documents in case they have any issues as they get started. This will also speed up the adoption rate. After a month or so, solicit feedback to see how you can make the system even better.

Choosing the right performance management system

When you select a performance management system that satisfies employee needs, your employees will put it to proper use. We hope this blog post gave you a clear idea of how to select the right performance management system for your organization!

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