Global Access Permissions


For the administrator to control the access of records and forms.

Configure global access permission

  1. Log in as Administrator.
  2. Click Setup > Permissions under Users and Permissions > Global Access Permissions.
  3. Select the role from Assign permission for the roledrop-down list.
  4. Click on the desired function and click on the icon to enable/disable permission.


  • Search Employees – You can search your organizational employees by using their first name, last name, employee ID, email ID, department, designation and team email ID.
  • Employee Tree and My Subordinates Tree – Employee Tree clearly illustrates the complete reporting hierarchical structure of your company or organization. My Subordinates Tree illustrates only the reporting subordinates of that particular employee.
  • Department Tree – Displays various departments in your organization in a tree view.
  • View Pending Request – A Widget that displays the records waiting for approval.
  • Announcement – A Widget that lists the organizational announcements made by the Account Administrators.
  • Birthday Buddy – A Widget to show the list of employees who are celebrating their birthday on the current date.
  • New Joiner List - Displays the list of new hires who joined the organization in the last 15 days.
  • Department Data – Displays your(whoever logged in) department members.
  • My Pending Tasks – Shows you the list of action items (or) tasks to be completed.
  • Quick Links – Lists the website URLs that are most commonly used. Only Administrators are allowed to add quick links.