Data Permissions

Data Permissions

IP Restrictions

Under Allowed IPs, you can add IP restrictions. Zoho People supports IP restrictions to be done for Attendance, Files, and Time Tracker.

  • From Home, go to Setup   (gear icon)> User Access Control > Allowed IPs > Add IP Restriction
  • Enter the IP range under From and To

  • Under Module, select Attendance
  • Under Applicable for select users based on roles, departments, designations, locations, users
  • Click Save

Your employees will not be able to access the system beyond this range.

When Configuring IP restrictions, we always recommend using  Static IP Addresses as the Dynamic IP Address gets refreshed in every 72 hours. Hence please check with your ISP to get a Static Public IP address to implement the same in Zoho People. Please do let us know at for any further assistance.

Configuring Permissions for a particular Role

Using Zoho People, you can set permissions for various roles created and hence streamline your workforce. Consider this use case. You can set permissions for managers to view and edit sub-ordinates' data but not their own data. Follow the steps below to do this.

  • From Home, go to  Settings (gear icon) >User Access Control > Permissions
  • Under Form permissions, select the Form for which you need to set the permissions
  • Go to the Role for which (Manager, in this case) you need to set permissions and click on the View section
  • Select subordinates' data

  • Click on the Edit icon and select Subordinates' data

Note: The Role must be created in the first place to configure permissions for it. Click here to know about creating Roles.

Global Permissions

For certain functions that you can perform across various modules in Zoho People, you can have permissions configured for Users of a particular Role. Follow the steps given below

  • Under Global Permissions, select the role for which permission has to be set

  • Select the functions for which permission needs to be set

The users under that role will be able to access only the selected functions now.


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