How can I add an announcement?

Announcements makes it easy for you to communicate to your employees about general company information. Announcements will appear on the dashboard of employees those who are located in the specified location.

  • From home, go to Organization > Announcements > Add Announcement
  • Provide Subject and Message
  • Select date from Expires on drop-down list
  • Select the Location(s) from Location(s) drop-down list
  • Enable Notify all employees if you would like the announcement to be viewed by all employees of the selected location(s)
  • Enable Notify any others if you would like to email the announcement to anybody else

  • Click Save

How do I edit an announcement?

  • From Home, go to Organization > Announcements
  • Hover your mouse over the announcement that you want to edit
  • Click the edit icon to modify the announcement

  • Click Save

What is a Sticky Announcement? How do I create one?

Sticky announcements are those announcements that should always be available for the view of employees. In the Announcement tab, as and when new announcements are posted, the old ones are pushed down. However, if an announcement is created as a Sticky announcement, then it will always be available under the Sticky Announcement tab for employees to view it.

If you would like to tag any of your announcements as important, then you can mark them as 'Sticky' so that these can be viewed any time by your employees.

To create a sticky announcement

  • From your home page, go to Organization > Add Announcements > Sticky Announcements
  • Give a subject
  • Ensure the box 'Is Sticky' is checked
  • Under message, type the message
  • Give an expiry date
  • Under Location(s), select the Locations for which this announcement is applicable
  • Select Notify all Employees if this announcement should be viewed by everyone in the location(s) specified
  • Select Notify any others and enter the email ids if the announcement is to be emailed to anyone specifically

  • Click Submit

I have posted an announcement by mistake. Is it possible to delete it?

  • Under Home, click Announcements
  • Hover your mouse over the announcement that you want to delete

  • Click the delete icon

I have created an announcement. However, I want to keep it disabled for sometime. Is this possible?

  • Under Home, click Organization > Announcements

  • Hover your mouse over the announcement that you want to enable/disable

  • Click the disable/enable icon that is on the right corner of the page

Is it possible to search for an announcement that was updated long back?

Yes. This is possible. You can use the search tab and find the announcement that you need. Follow the steps given below.

  • From your home page, go to Organization > Announcements > Announcements

  • Give the key word in the Search tab and hit enter

    You can also use @ tags to search for announcements or comments that are made by specific users. 

    Note: The Key word could be from the subject or from the content of the announcement. The announcements that are even in the disabled status can be pulled out using this method. The same applies for Sticky Announcements too.

Is it possible to include images in the announcements that are posted?

Yes. Your announcements can include text, URLs and Images. You also have option for formatting your announcements.

Notification Centre

Is there provision for employees to post announcements?

Employees will not be able to post announcements. They can instead post their message in Feeds to members of their department or to specific groups or to specific users by tagging them. 



Is there an option to post message to only specific employees?

  • From your home page (Self service tab), go to Feeds
  • Type your message and select Users

  • Click Submit

By tagging users in feeds, you will be able to send the message only to specific people in your organization.

Where will I be able to see my notifications?

You will be able to see all your notifications under your feeds section. You will also see notifications when you click on the Bell icon at the top corner of the home page.