Security is the most significant part of any HRMS system. In Zoho People, all data is stored in forms. Hence it is imperative to define which forms can be viewed by who. You can define access permission to your users for each form, field, and action. Zoho People allows you to configure permissions for individual form records based on the roles. You can give access permissions to your employees like the view, add, edit and delete. Only employees(role-based) who have the specific access permissions will be able to perform add, edit, view & delete operations in a form record.

Here is a list of actions that you will be able to do under User Access Control.

  • Add new roles and assign permissions for the created roles
  • Define the access for specific forms
  • Assign permissions like Add/Edit/View/Delete
  • Define the type of data that can be accessed (No data, My data, My data plus Subordinates' data, Subordinates' data and All data)
  • Define permissions for specific fields of a form
  • Define permissions for a set of fields at one go
  • Assign permissions for actions like Import and Export
  • Assign administrator permissions for another user who is not an administrator
  • Assign permissions for a specific role to view specific functions
  • Add IP restrictions for modules

Data Permissions


Form Permissions