In any organization, for any queries of leave or travel or policy, the HR is the first one to be contacted. There are various services that the HR team provides, such as leave, attendance, training, travel and so on. There are questions asked, actions are taken, tasks assigned and reports generated. In Zoho People. we give a consolidated view of all operations and data related to a service right at a central point.


Service: A service is a collection of Forms that are pertaining to one of the many divisions of HR management that the HR takes care of like Leave, Attendance, Performance Management etc.

By default, there are a few services available as listed below.

  • Organization
  • Leave
  • Attendance
  • Time Tracker
  • Performance
  • Files

Service Owner: The Service Owner is the one who creates a service. The Service Owner has permission to

  • Add and edit a service
  • Move Forms to the service
  • Add new forms to the service
  • Add FAQ to the service

Forms: Forms refer to the forms that are associated with the service.

Tasks: 'Tasks' refer to the tasks that are triggered for a service.

Analytics: All reports that are related to the service can be viewed under 'Analytics'

Settings: All actions like editing a service name, adding forms, moving forms and adding FAQ for the service can be done in the 'Settings' tab.

Using existing services:

  • Navigate to the 'Services' tab on the left-hand side menu. You will be able to see all the default services shown.
  • To go to the detailed view of the service, click on the service.

You will be taken to the detailed view, where you will be able to view

  • Forms associated with the service
  • Reports
  • Settings of the service

Adding new services:

  • Navigate to the 'Services' tab on the left-hand side menu
  • Click on 'Create New Service'

  • Give a name for the service and type in a description
  • Click Save

You will be taken to the landing page of the service where you can do actions to create a new service. 

Move Form:

  • If you have a form in any other service that you would like to move to the service that is newly created, click on 'Move Form'

You will see the list of other services. Click on the down arrow that precedes the service name to see the list of forms in that service.

  • Drag the form and drop it under the new service
  • Click Close

To add a new form:

  • Click on 'Add New Form'

To know more on how to add new forms, click here.

Add FAQ:

  • Click on 'Add'
  • Enter the query
  • Give a detailed description if needed

You can also upload a query from your desktop or from the cloud

  • Click Save

To edit a query that is added:

  • Hover the cursor over the query and click on the edit icon
  • Make the changes as required and click on Update

To delete a query that is added:

  • Hover the cursor over the query and click on the delete icon

To add a task:

  • Click on 'Add Task'
  • Select a task owner

Note: There are already permissions set by default, for tasks to be added to Subordinates and for self. The administrator can add tasks to anyone. However, the other permissions can be changed in the Task Form. For eg. In the Task Form, if you give 'Add' permission for a role (Team Member)to All data, then it means that the users/employees under the Team Member role can add a task to anyone in any for the form. 

  • Enter a task name
  • Give a description if needed
  • Enter the start date and the due date
  • Set a reminder if needed
  • Select the priority and the status
  • Click Submit

To filter tasks:

  • Click on the filter icon at the right top corner
  • Select from the drop down to filter tasks based on priority, related forms and status and click 'Apply'

To create reports based on the service:

  • Navigate to 'Analytics'

Visit this page to know more on how to create reports

To enable Cases for the service:

For employees to raise queries for the service, you need to enable HR Cases for the service.

  • Navigate to the 'Settings' tab of the service​

  • Under 'Add to Cases' section, check the 'Enable Cases for this service'

  • In 'Agent', you can select an agent for the service. An agent can be an employee or a department or a group.
  • Click 'Save'

Note:By default, the service owner is the category owner. However, you can edit and change this. 

When you enable Cases for a service, it gets created as a new case category.

To raise a query:

  • Navigate to the Services page on the left-hand side
  • Hover the cursor over the service and click on the' i ' icon
  • Click on 'Create Case'
  • Type the query in 'Subject'
  • Give a detailed description if needed

You can also upload a query from your desktop or from the cloud


By default, the service owner and the category owner will be one and the same.  The administrator of the account, by default has the permissions as that of a Service Owner (Across all the services that are created)  The location admin for the account will have administrative rights for all the services The administrator(s) set in 'Admin Operations' will have administrative rights for the default services for which specific permission are set. For all the newly created services, these administrator(s) will have administrative rights.

Search for a Service

  • To search for a service or even a specific form of a service, enter the name in the 'Search' bar at the right top corner

To enable/disable a service:

  • Click on the 'Settings' icon at the right top corner

You will be taken to the Forms and Tabs customization page. You can enable/disable the service or the forms within the service.


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