Zoho for Startups

We know that becoming an entrepreneur isn't an easy journey. Right from cleaning your own workspace, serving coffee to your colleagues, setting reminders so that you don't forget to take your family out on that much-needed vacation, to keeping the lights on, it's much more than just an act of juggling.

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Listen to the esteemed personnel from Startup India, talk about the effectiveness of partnering with Zoho, via the Zoho for Startups program.


From communication and collaboration, to managing multiple social-media channels and automating financial workflows, here's how Zoho One has helped T-Hub's processes.

And hey!  

You also need many technology-driven components for your dream journey, right?

Acquire, manage, and connect with customers


Create and launch a cool new website


Manage and automate your cashflow


Communicate with all your business contacts


Build custom apps with minimal coding


Make the most of your social-media presence


What we offer

We offer access to Zoho One, for one year. To know how to go about it, read further.

  •   Help Desk
  •   Business Email
  •   Custom Applications
  •   Social Media Marketing
  •   Email Marketing
  •   Accounting Software
  •   Realtime Insights
  •   Business Intelligence
  •   Contact management
  •   SalesInbox
  •   Website Builder
  •   Live Chat
  •   Online Survey
  •   Forms
  •   Website Optimization
  •   Event Management
  •   Marketing Automation
  •   Remote Assistance
  •   Business Chat
  •   Agile Software
  •   Social Workplace
  •   Video Conferencing
  •   Meeting
  •   Word Processor
  •   Spreadsheet Software
  •   Presentation Software
  •   Document Management
  •   Digital Signature
  •   Notebook App
  •   Password Management
  •   Hassle-free Invoicing
  •   Smart Billing Software
  •   Expense Management
  •   Inventory Management
  •   Payments Solution
  •   Employee Management
  •   Recruitment Tracking
  •   Workflow Automation
  •   Multichannel CRM
  •   Project Management

Earn Zoho One credits

Now, to make your entrepreneurial journey a bit easier, we offer you up to one year of Zoho One credits*.

Earn Zoho One credits  

Steps to apply

Check your eligibility

Who can apply?

  • 01 *Must be a new user of Zoho (not extended to existing/paid customers)
  • 02Must be a validated startup (associated with an incubator/accelerator/co-working space/Govt. body)
  • 03Bootstrapped startups
Check your eligibility

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Choose the incubator you are part of, to avail Zoho's offer for your startup.

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Whether you are setting up or just starting off with your startup, or already scaling and growing multi-fold, you can choose many apps from Zoho One to run your business.

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If you have any questions related to startup credits, write to info@zohoforstartups.com

If you have any products-related questions, write to support@zohoone.com

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At present, the Zoho for Startups program is fully functional only in India. We will keep you posted once the program is made global.