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We know that becoming an entrepreneur isn't an easy journey. Right from cleaning your own workspace, serving coffee to your colleagues, setting reminders so that you don't forget to take your family out on that much-needed vacation, to keeping the lights on, it's much more than just an act of juggling.

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And, hey! There are other main components of your dream journey too


    Acquire, manage, and connect with customers.


    Create and launch a cool new website.


    Manage and automate your cashflow.


    Communicate with all your business contacts.


    Build custom apps with minimal coding.


    Make the most of your social-media presence.

Also manage most of these while on the go

Overwhelming, right?

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Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho Corp

A direct message from the CEO

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Well, what if there was one suite of applications to run your entire business?

Say hello to Zoho One, the one tool you would need to set up, start off, and scale up your startup!

Zoho One is a bundle of 40 different applications, for both web and mobile. You can pick any of the apps from this assorted suite, and be business sorted.

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T-Hub, India's fastest growing startup engine, is now ready to cater to a larger audience and a bigger cohort, using Zoho One.

From using Zoho's apps for communication and collaboration, to managing multiple social-media channels and automating their financial workflows and much more, here's how using Zoho One helps T-Hub's processes. They are now scale-up ready too.

Be business-sorted with Zoho One