Tools crafted for modern teams.

Create, talk, ideate and grow. Zoho Office Suite is your secure, collaborative work platform that's beautifully integrated across systems to make you exponentially more productive.

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Designed to bring your teams closer.

Embracing different working styles

Whether you're in the office or remote, it doesn't matter when you can still do all your work together. Collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations with your colleagues, clients or partners from across the globe.

Simplified sharing, collaboration and mobility.

Your documents are automatically saved on the cloud, letting you or your team quickly access it whenever, wherever. It's also tied with our content collaboration platform WorkDrive—the unified repository of the files all your teams are working on.

Designed to bring your teams closer.
Zoho Office Suite blurs the line between your productivity tools and business apps. They work together with other pieces of the Zoho ecosystem as well as third-party apps to help you do a lot more, quicker. With some unmatchable, end-to-end experiences, it's the most contextually-integrated suite of its kind today.

It's everything the future of work will look like

Zoho Writer is integrated with Zoho CRM and Zoho Sign, letting you create, manage and sign contracts and proposals from one tool.

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Zoho Sheet brings in data from a wide variety of business apps using Custom Functions built on Deluge, our custom scripting engine.

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The essentials

Writer Sheet Show

A beautifully designed word processor you'll love to use. From smart writing tools to powerful automation muscles, it's got everything to help you get things done, faster. Get Started

A slick spreadsheet application to help you crunch numbers, and organize data collaboratively. Now with artificial intelligence and summarizing capabilities built-in. Get Started

One for the creative storyteller in you. With interactive design elements and smooth animations, Zoho Show makes it easier for you to create beautiful presentations that stand out. Get Started

Not everybody you work with will be on Zoho and we understand that. We've designed Zoho Office Suite to work well with Microsoft Office files, which means you can import, edit and export them back to legacy formats without having to compromise on the structure or formatting. It's also already connected well with other popular apps to help take your documents back to the apps your team is already using.

Plays well with others.

Try the Zoho Office Suite today
Try Zoho Office Suite

Now with Zia across the board

Zia is Zoho's AI-powered intelligent assistant trained to help you work better.

In Writer, she's a writing assistant who helps you find grammatical errors, style inconsistencies and more, while in Sheet she's a data-analyst who helps you make data-driven decisions better. She's also your note-taking assistant who can search the web for you, draw references and add them to a note card on your command.

Simplified file and user management for global teams.

As your teams expand beyond geographies, managing multiple licenses and setting up on-premise systems can become quite a task to achieve.

Zoho Office Suite is part of Zoho One, which comes with a unified user directory. All you have to do is add new members to the system as they join, and everything will work perfectly for them from day one.

You're in good hands

With nearly   million users worldwide accessing Zoho services, individuals, small, medium and large organizations count on Zoho security and data protection to meet their needs. We take security very seriously and have developed a comprehensive set of practices, technologies and policies to help ensure your data is secure.

If you are currently maintaining your data on personal computers or your own servers, the odds are that we offer a better level of security than what you currently have in place.

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