The perfect blend of spreadsheet features.

Simple, collaborative, powerful, and free!

How Zoho Sheet compares with Microsoft Excel

  • Features

    Zoho Sheet

    Microsoft Excel

  • Formatting and styling



  • Spreadsheet functions



  • Custom/user-defined functions





  • Basic and advanced chart types



  • Pivot table and chart



  • AI powered insights



    (Paid version)

  • Smart data cleaning tool



  • Sharing with permissions



  • Real-time collaboration



  • Commenting on cells



  • User specific cell lock



  • User specific edit history



  • Automatic versioning



  • VBA Macro (Write & Record)



  • Data Connections, Analysis and Modeling



  • Tables



  • Shapes



  • Integrated web forms



  • Remote and Data APIs



  • Mobile apps


    (iOS and Android)


    (iOS, Android and Windows)

You can upload spreadsheets from your desktop or move them from Office365 to Zoho Sheet in an instant and get started right away.