How's Writer different from Microsoft Word?

To put it simply, Writer has everything you expect from a traditional word processor, plus great collaborative capabilities for modern teams—all packed in a revolutionary new design you'll fall in love with!

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Design and experience

Decades after its inception, the drafting experience in Word remains mostly the same. Writer was carefully designed to help you stay as focused as possible while working on documents in a modern work environment.

  • Eliminating the ribbon
  • Co-authoring
  • Distraction-free modes

While writing

Zoho Writer

Eliminating the ribbon

Zoho Writer


Zoho Writer


Zoho Writer

Smart writingassistant

Writer comes with Zia—an AI assistant trained to help you improve your writing. It understands the context of your sentences and comes up with grammar, readability, and style suggestions to further polish your piece.

  • Style
  • Readability







But what about compatibility?

Writer is a fully-featured word processor—which means you can import Microsoft Word documents and continue work uninterrupted, with no formatting loss. Similarly, documents created using Writer are completely compatible with Word.

  • Feature in Microsoft Word Supported byWriter
  • Basic formatting (Fonts, tables, lists, images, paragraphs, page breaks) tick
  • Multi-column layouts tick
  • Comments and Track Changes tick
  • Page sections tick
  • Endnotes & Footnotes tick
  • Offline Editing tick
  • Mail Merge tick

Goodbye, "Annual Report Final 1 Version 2.docx"

Writer lets you bring collaborators into your documents to work alongside you. You no longer have to create and send multiple copies as email attachments, and struggle to combine them all later.

  • Version History
  • No-Markup Editing

Track Changes

Document Automation

Version History

Digital Signature

No-Markup Editing

Document from forms

Automatic backup across all your devices

Open and edit important documents wherever you are, without having to handle manual backups. Changes you make on one device will automatically and instantly synced across all your devices.

Built for all browsers

We understand that switching to a new system can be difficult. From quick guides to a committed support team, we've made sure you have enough resources to make the switch effortless.

Connected with other apps you already use

Writer is integrated with most popular business apps in use today. It lets you post directly to your WordPress site, and lets you connect your documents with existing Zapier workflows.

Connected with other apps
writer Writer  CRM  Creator  Forms  Mail  Projects  Connect

The Zoho Advantage

Writer is just one of 45+ apps in the ever-growing Zoho ecosystem. Each one is designed to help you run your entire business on the cloud. This close-knit integration means you can quickly create mail merges from your leads in Zoho CRM, or from data you collect using Zoho Creator.

The Zoho Advantage

Free for individuals, forever.

Writer is available for free to individual users, and in affordable plans for your teams. Get started, write away!