A powerful alternative to PowerPoint

Break free from the PowerPoint docile and eliminate the feel of monotony from your slides. Whether its boardroom or classroom, captivate your audience with stunning presentations using Zoho Show, a free online alternative to PowerPoint.

Heavy on features but light in your pockets

Intuitive, Innovative, and Inspiring!

Contextual UI

A user-centric interface subtly guides you to create visually engaging presentations in minutes, not hours. Show offers the most relevant option based on the task you're doing, with little input and fewer clicks making your experience more fluid.

Designed for Collaboration

Zoho Show helps your team to collaborate in real-time and stay organized. It offers a secure, shared place for teams to do their best work.

  • Share presentations online with user-specific permissions

  • Add comments to slides and exchange ideas using the inbuilt smart chat

  • Notify individuals with @mentions

Go visual with ease

Look beyond static content and reinforce your data dynamically using smart elements, infographics and animations. Drive your message home with ease and improve the engagement effortlessly.

Deliver on the go

  • Present slides on your Apple TV or Android TV / Chromecast.

  • Share presentations using constant URL's.

  • Broadcast presentations to the remote audience

Multi-device compatibility

With native apps for Android and iOS, Zoho Show enables users to create presentations using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. All your presentations are auto-saved on the cloud and can be accessed anytime.

Track versions retrospectively

Multiple collaborators can sometimes make the slides look messy. With versions you can automatically back up older versions of your slides, so you can view and revert them any time or even create a new one for your own reference.

Import your existing PowerPoint slides into Zoho Show and start working without any formatting issues.