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  • One well-known marketing lesson from IKEA that most of us miss

One well-known marketing lesson from IKEA that most of us miss

  • Last Updated : March 21, 2024
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Too busy to read? Here's one marketing lesson IKEA has for your business:

Sell experiences, not products. 

Here is the whole write-up for you:

If you've ever visited IKEA, there's a good chance it's because you were inspired to go because someone shared their excitement about their own IKEA visit, rather than from a TV commercial or billboard ad. Can you relate? People often like to share their positive experiences within their social circles.

IKEA isn't just a shopping complex or a store; it's an experience. Primarily selling household furniture like sofa sets, dining tables, cupboards, and more, IKEA goes beyond merely displaying pieces; instead, they create model homes where all the furniture is arranged as it would be in real homes. Letting visitors sit on a couch, watch television, arrange clothes in a wardrobe, and organize books on a shelf provides them with a uniquely immersive shopping experience; it makes them feel like they're in a dream home and want to take all of those furnishings to their actual homes.

Experiences sell faster!

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