Print or save calendar views

The Zoho Calendar is printable in any desired view. The print will have the color codes intact, making it easier to differentiate between multiple calendar events. An extended feature is an option to save your calendars as a PDF for offline viewing.

 Print calendar views

    1. Open the calendar view you want to print. (Day, week, work week, month or agenda).
    2. Click on "Print" icon available next to the search box.
    3. In the "Print view" dialog box that pops up, use the drop down boxes to select the "Page size" (A4, Letter, Legal or Executive) and "Orientation" (Portrait or Landscape).
    4. Click on "Print" button.

    Page Orientation

    The calendar can be printed in two page orientations: Portrait and Landscape. The optional paper sizes are A4, Letter, Legal and Executive.

    When you have multiple calendars, the colour codes of all the calendars will be intact on the print out. This helps in distinguishing between calendars.

     Save calendar view as PDF file

      1. Open the required calendar view.
      2. Click on the "Print" icon.
      3. On the "Print view" dialog box, click on "Save" button.
      4. Choose a location to save the file and click on OK.

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