The Zoho Calendar API provides you with REST APIs required to customize features of the calendar depending on your requirements with the accessibility being limited to a secure connection. Using the API, you can also integrate the calendar in your system and modify it having Zoho Calendar architecture as the base.

To start developing using the Calendar API, you need to set up a Zoho account. After you are done with the initial set up, an access key should be generated using OAuth 2.0 authentication to get onboard with the Calendar API. 

API is RESTful

The Calendar API follows the REST methodology to communicate between two applications in a safe and secure manner. Communication in REST is done through HTTP requests like GET, PUT, POST and DELETE which is used to view/modify the calendar and calendar-related objects. 

The base URL for the Zoho Calendar API is:

When trying to access the API, certain things should be followed for best results:

  • All requests to the API must be done only over HTTPS. Considering security, HTTPS servers ensure privacy for the users working with the API.
  • HTTP requests involve GET - fetch a resource, PUT - update a resource, POST - create a resource and DELETE - remove a resource. 
  • Response bodies support XML and JSONObjects.
  • API can be accessed through Calendar Client Library available for various programming languages.
  • Response codes are generated by HTTP to indicate API errors.
  • Calendar API supports Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) for accessing API securely from client-side web application. Always make sure that you never expose your API credentials in the client-side code.