One and One DNS Manager - DNS Information Update

1 & 1 DNS Manager - Add CNAME Records for Verification

If your domain is hosted with 1 and 1 follow the below steps to add a CNAME and verify the domain. One and One does not allow a CNAME to be created for a URL directly. But you need to set up a subdomain and then point the subdomain to

  1. Login to your 1 and 1 account.
  2. Select Domains and Webspace.
  3. Click Domains to launch Domain Overview.
  4. Select the domain and select Create Subdomain option from the top links.
  5. Create a new Subdomain with the zb***** code provided in Zoho.
  6. In the Subdomain Overview, select the newly created Subdomain and select Edit DNS Settings. 
  7. Under Domain data for the new subdomain zb******, select the radio button next to CNAME.
  8. Under CNAME settings, in the alias text box specify
  9. Make sure the confirmation checkbox is checked and click OK.
  10. Wait for an hour and then click on "Verify" button in your Zoho Mail Suite Control Panel.

You have now added the CNAME successfully. You may have to wait for at least an hour for the changes to take effect in the DNS Servers. After an hour or two, log in to your Zoho Mail Control Panel and click Verify. Once your domain is verified, you can start adding users and creating mail accounts.

Update MX records to receive emails: 1 & 1

If your DNS is hosted with 1 and 1 follow the below steps to change the MX Records of the domain to start receiving emails.

  1. Login to your 1 and 1 account.
  2. Select Domains and Webspace.
  3. Click Domains to launch Domain Overview.
  4. Select DNS >> Edit DNS Records.
  5. Under Advanced DNS Settings, select other Mail server. 
  6. In the first text area MX1/ Prio, specify and 10.
  7. In the next text area MX2/ Prio, specify and 20.
  8. As the additional MX, specify in MX3/ Prio and 50.

    The MX values in the above table are based on the generic configuration information. For more specific configuration particular for your domain refer this section in the Admin Control Panel.

  9. Click OK to save the changes.

One-click Verification:

Instead of the manual verification, you can also verify your 1 & 1 domain and configure the domain's MX Records in few simple steps.

Once you reach the Domain Verification step, select the One-click Verification option, login to your DNS provider and authenticate your Zoho Mail account to use your DNS provider. Follow the below steps to verify your 1 & 1 domain in a single step:

  1. Select One-click Verification from the dropdown in the Domain Verification page, and click Proceed.
  2. Enter the password to your domain provider account and click Sign In.
  3. Click Allow in the next step to provide permission for Zoho Mail to access your domain account.

Once, you've granted access, your domain will be verified in Zoho Mail.

Further, to configure the MX, SPF and DKIM records, once you reach the MX configuration step in the setup process, click Proceed. Since you have already logged into your 1 & 1 domain during the domain verification process, the setup will be complete.

You have now added the MX Records for your domain successfully. The MX records will be effective as per the TTL time of the domain. You can check the MX records of the domain using the third party tool . 

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