1. Simon Eyram Tsike-Sossah

    I have used google all last 10 years as the base for my email and documents. So far, I am happy about Zoho email package and I hope you are able to do something about pricing for start-ups like me to increasingly use ALL your products!
    Thank you and while I am only a few months of your 10 years, I look forward to the next ten with you!
    Congrats and happy anniversary!

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Thank you John!

  2. Glenn

    Thank you for staying a private company. This keeps the customer as the focus instead of shareholders and stock market analysts. We appreciate you! From the http://www.accessinnov.com team!

  3. giovani

    thank you Zoho!!

  4. selmy

    Parabéns, eu amo esse ferramenta! de vezes PARABÉNS!!!!!

  5. Kopal

    Great Job Zoho! Cheers to another decade and many more users!

  6. Vattikuti

    I’ll never forget you! If it’s not you things would have not like this. Love you for everything! ?

  7. Kavya Gowda

    All the best ZOHOI

  8. Mohamed Hussein

    congratulations i hope all the best for you.

  9. Sayan Kabir Jony

    Congratulations! thanks and the very best wishes! Long live, ZohoMail!

  10. Sayan Kabir Jony

    Congrats Zoho! The best mail service!!!

  11. Sharad Nalawade

    Congrats Zoho! The best mail service in town.

  12. Zoltan

    Congrats, thanks and the very best wishes! Long live, ZohoMail!

  13. Aruldoss S

    Hi Zoho,

    i have associate just 2 month back and its help to grow us in business, thanks zoho for wonderful support

  14. Arunkumar P

    Congrats Zoho..!!

  15. Bang Andre

    Nice Zoho Mail. Thank you so much

  16. Yatri Nepal Adventure Team

    “Fully satisfied with zoho mail”

    I was in search of using our company domain email. From many of free services, I picked zoho mail and never regret with my decision. That was the right and rational choice of mine!

    Millions of thanks to zoho on this auspicious day from https://yatrinepal.com Members.
    We wish you live long…. 🙂 Keep it up ?

  17. Nipendra

    Congratulation Zoho Team.
    I am a new user and loving your services. I recommend all my friends to use zoho mail.
    Once again congrats from https://www.lumleholidays.com Family

  18. Marco Aurélio

    Obrigado por existirem.

    Sem vocês, micro e pequenos empresários não poderiam ter acesso a uma plataforma tão intuitiva e eficiente como a de vocês.


  19. Freddy

    Keep up the Good Work!

  20. Matheus Ganzo

    Thank for your services Zoho!
    I gladly recommend you to my clients. =)

  21. john ali


  22. Wayne Stewart - President, A Guy I Know Inc.

    When you got hit with the tropical storm that wiped out your headquarters, you kept your service up without a hitch (that I could see!) even while relocating your second tier support group AND their families to tents. I was beyond impressed and proud to be associated with you as I worked with your team while hearing the wind whistle in the background!! THAT is what we mean when we in the Intermountain West of the United States tell each other to “Cowboy Up!” Keep it up you Cowboys and Cowgirls!

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Hey Wayne,
      We’re delighted that you brought this up on this occasion. Those were trying times, and our team did its best to keep the Mail service up and going. It brings back memories where we, as a team, worked together to support our customers, and comments like these prove that it paid off. Thanks for your support, and keep using Zoho Mail! 😀

  23. Alaa eldin Youssef

    we are honor to be one of your client.

  24. UK

    Wish I could tell you how much I’m happy with your service…

  25. Dan Logan

    Usually happy but today I can’t get my emails…

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Hi Dan,
      Thank you for reaching out to us. We see from our records that you have discussed this issue with our support representative yesterday. For further enquiries regarding this, please send an email to support@zohomail.com

  26. Gaurav Dhiman

    You guys are awesome. Keep up the great work. All the best wishes for more years to come.

  27. Gemma Laxina

    Congratzzz! I,m happy using ZOHO, more user and more subscriber ahead!

  28. Gbenga TOTOYI

    Great stuff – our decision to use Zoho has been one of the most critical choices since we opened shop. Looking forward to more from the amazing team.

  29. ralph ramirez


  30. Shruti Arora

    Really happy to use Zoho products. Best prices and services for business among all the competitors. Best wishes from Team https://www.lehladakhxp.com

    Wishing Zoho more success in the future. 🙂

  31. Moonshi

    Thank you ZOHO for providing business-class email service, email client, features and functionalities and making it work beautifully. On behalf of the team at Scaling-Up! Ventures, we are grateful for the ZOHO Mail and platform of business applications.

  32. Vi Cô Võ V?n

    Congratulations, Team Zoho Mail

  33. Juan

    Zoho es Excelente. 100% Recomendado

  34. Isht


  35. Franco

    We are very happy with soho. We are a non profit language school in argentina and Soho has gave us the oportunity to use mail and other tools for our teachers and students. Thank you Team Soho and congratulations!

  36. Echem T.

    Congratulations! Great experience using the service. Wish the IMAP service were still free.

  37. Amar Bhonsle

    Congratulations.. Team Zoho!!

  38. Matt R.

    I know I tell people my email address @Zoho.com and still get confused looks which always gives me a chance to tell people how amazing your service is!

  39. amir

    it’s usefull



  41. Thomas Pallushek

    I Love this entire setup – please keep it safe and dont sell it to these American jerks – keep it in your country ! Make it a bigger place then Microsoft
    I do belive in you guys I have been in Chennai at your place ! GOOD JOB keep it on !

  42. Sanju Thapa

    Hey Zoho !!! huge congratch for turning to ten years.. wish you more hundred of years ahead.

  43. Rohan


  44. Peter

    This year it may decline, as you made IMAP access not free.

  45. Amar

    I wish you all the best.

  46. Vinayak SP

    Wishing you double progress in coming half of those previous years… ?

  47. Abner

    Muchas felicidades y muchas gracias

  48. Oloruntoba Freeman

    I am a BIIIIIIIIGGGGGG Fan of Zoho. Awesome Job over the last decade. Thumbs up and congrats!

  49. sharaf


  50. Dr. Pravin Parmar


  51. Vishal Sirur

    This is awesome! I am a fan

  52. laxmikant Hukkeri

    Great Congratulations and best wishes for future growth
    keep support as it’s

  53. Sambamoorthy Vembu

    Commendable performance. Congratulations. Keep it up.

  54. Anjinappa K

    Congratulations !!!!!!!!Thank you Team ZOHO. let everything doubles and Let’s believe in change is the Law of Progress.
    All the Best.

  55. Push mishra

    Congratulations! Zoho Team

  56. Dylan

    Congratulations. Thank you for your hard work to deliver good service.

  57. Gopinath Rajasekaran

    Congratulations! Zoho Team

  58. Ashwini

    Congratateeeessss ZOHO Team……..

  59. Moorthy


  60. Luis Gómez

    Congrats!!! You are a great team. Thanks for your apps, support and excellent staff. I’m from Colombia and I recommend Zoho Apps to all my customers. Best regards!

  61. Alvaro SL

    Congrats ZOHO.
    Great Vision, Great Work, Great Products and Honest Prices !! Keep Moving Zoho

  62. Leo

    You have done a great job

  63. Ulises Gutierrez

    Congratulations!, I’m here as a free user (which I really appreciated)
    I let gmail because of the abusive use of publicity. I have about 8 years in zoho and I’m still very happy with your great service. Keep the good work.
    Best regards from Mexico!

  64. Kevin

    You started back in 2008?

    Wow! That was way back in the Windows XP era!

    When computers were USER FRIENDLY! for novice and expert alike!

    And that spinner didn’t spin forever and then decide to never load your page!

    What I wouldn’t give to go back to the days of system stability on the Microsoft Platform!!

  65. Maicon

    Congrats Zoho

  66. David Jireh

    Congratulations…You all deserve some accolades!!!

  67. Dhiraj Tiwari

    Congrats Zoho Team

  68. Vishal


  69. Wilhard Murunga

    Concrats Zoho

  70. Elias Genaro Tasayco Herrera

    Muchas gracias!!


    congrats Zoho team… many more to come…

  72. Harry

    Congratulations! Thanks for all your doing. Very best best wishes for the future.

  73. amit

    Congratulations on achieving this milestone.Best email platform i have use as gmail.

  74. Arun Parmar

    love to use it…!!!

  75. armand

    awesome great job guys!

  76. Maryann

    Congratulations on achieving this milestone. *cheers* Best email platform ever

  77. Mike

    Congratulations on a job well done. Kudos

  78. Neeraj Bhushan

    Congratulations Zoho, and Cheers Team Zoho. Every time I had a query it was resolved and responded to and taken care of so very well. Ever since I came to know about Zoho and more particularly Zoho mail, I have been a Zoho fan. Thank you for all you do! Thanks for being there, for us.

  79. SK Behara

    Congratulation….hope the journey will continue for several decades…

  80. Anush Gowda

    Congratulations. I am using your services from last 4 years and love what you are doing.
    Heartly Congratulations from Net Route Solutions

  81. srinivasan

    Congratulation Zoho!!! Keep rocking

  82. Drew Sullivan

    Congratulation and Well done on a great product that keeps getting better and better

  83. Bruce lee

    congration zoho mail 🙂
    thanks for giving such a wonderful mails 🙂

  84. Chandrasekar.G

    Congratulations Zoho Mail !

  85. SANJAY


  86. santhoshkumar


  87. Chintan Dave

    Congratulations. I am using your services for a year and love what you are doing.

  88. Akhil

    Congratulations Zoho Mail !

  89. Gopi


  90. Suchi Turnkey Projects Pvt. Ltd.


  91. Venkat Reddy Naraganti

    congratulations & Keep going kids…. need to get more things develop………all the best


    Congratulations Zoho mail from PMASS India Team

  93. Parvindra Gurjar

    Congratulations Zoho!!! You really done nice job.

  94. Dolly Shriwastava


  95. Mathew John V J

    Great! Well done and best luck for reaching 100 million users!

  96. anand

    good job

  97. Neha

    Congrats Zoho..!!

  98. Digbijay Paul

    I am using your zoho mail for my startup JustPing Infotech a Surat(Gujarat) based IT Support & Services company.

  99. Talk Charge

    Congratulations Zoho!!!!!!!

  100. Darshan Prajapati


  101. Fernando Murillo

    Congratulations on your first decade. Many more to come. Thankvyou very much.

  102. Long Ho


  103. Teddy Haryadi

    Dirgahayu, semoga sukses selalu Zoho mail

  104. Naut

    GRACIAS ZOHO, La mejor aplicación para las empresas que inician, una super herramienta empresarial.

  105. Marco Antonio Pinheiro Mateus


  106. Amit Kumar

    Good experience

  107. Alex Prestigo

    Felicidades desde México! Muchas Gracias!

  108. Salvador Muñoz Portillo

    Congratulations 🙂
    Estáis bordandolo. continuad así. Felicidades

  109. Suresh

    Great! Well done and best luck for reaching 100 million users!

  110. Anand prabhakar


  111. pretty

    happy ten years! cheers!

  112. Andrés Felipe Cuéllar Cataño

    Un trabajo magnífico!

  113. marvin collins

    Wooow Awesome so proud from Africa

  114. Emmanuel GAUTIER

    Very nice, thank you !

  115. keshon

    Well done!

  116. Sara Medley

    Keep up the good work!!

  117. Fahad Suliman

    My lovely email and rest of services 🙂

  118. Israel Estrada


  119. Soni

    this is truly amazing , Zoho deserve it

  120. Mohommed Khalefa

    Happy 10th Anniversary Zoho and Congrats for Millions of Users

  121. Nilciana




  123. Juan Manuel Bernardo

    Congratulations for the success!

  124. Freddy Noriega

    No dejen de mejorar, lo están haciendo muy bien.

  125. Prashant Bhoraniya

    Thanks so much, i am very grateful from the day we started using zoho
    our communication has been fast and efficient. even we are trying how many diffrents zoho product usefull for our business. really we are happy from Zoho product. as per growing zoho user one day zoho will take 1st ranking in world.
    Happy 10th Anniversary

  126. raj kumar

    Zoho really works thanks for make my life easy and hassle free

  127. ramky

    All the Best

  128. Eric Wilson

    Happy 10th Anniversary Zoho and Congrats for Millions of Users

  129. Bamai Namata

    Zoho has been a real lifesaver helping us grow our business. Thanks Zoho and happy anniversary

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Thank you, Bamai! 🙂

  130. nessip

    Congratulations 🙂 Thank You for all this years, efforts and providing such reliable and useful services.

  131. Tara Rose, President of Sky Nurses

    I remember using Zoho Mail, CRM, and People in 2008. I loved it then and I love it now. Zoho has been our go-to company for over 5 years. Today, our company uses Zoho CRM, Forms, SALESIQ (couldn’t live without it), Survey, Sites (Clinician Center), Mail, and DOCS. Thank you for continuously improving your products and introducing new ones.

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Hey Tara,
      We’re elated to learn that you’re an extensive user of our products. We hope to continue building products that’ll suit your business needs. Keep using Zoho!

  132. Sunilbansal

    All the Best

  133. virat vengala

    Zoho mail services are excellent . Thanks for your services
    – Virat vengala

  134. Cherop Emmanuel

    Thanks so much, am very grateful from the day we started using zoho
    our communication has been fast and efficient
    Happy 10th Anniversary

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Thanks for your kind words, Cherop. Keep using Zoho!

  135. Rafael Rocha | Kaasa (www.kaasa.com.br)

    Keep improving! 🙂

  136. Bhaskar thakur

    Congratulation & Thanks for growthing future# zoho.#

  137. Chetan Jha

    Congrats Zoho Team , & wishing you many more success in coming years to come.

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Thank you, Chetan! 🙂

  138. A.Parusuram

    Best of luck , and wish more n more success

  139. Kiran

    Congratulations and Thanks Zoho. Good Luck in future

  140. Gaurav Agarwal

    We from Noveau Team & Neiv By Krisha Impex are really happy with your services and using your all products… This is just a beginning you guys will go long way…and help our company grow too using your great products…makes our life simple and doing business in a smartterway….
    Best of luck team Zoho

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Hi Gaurav,
      We’re elated to know that Zoho has helped your business grow. Thanks for your support.

  141. Robin Morritt

    Congratulations. For me, Zoho has provided a brilliant service over many years – totally trustworthy, safe and secure. You kept your promises, and more. Thank you.

  142. SRAVANI


  143. Sushil Choudhary

    Thanks ZOHO

  144. Idorenyin Essiet


  145. Joy Hossain

    Congrats for 10 years with million users!



  147. Ridz Falcon Motors

    User Friendly, Pakka 😉 All the best

  148. Irwin

    Congrats! More power…

  149. Samiran


  150. Divine Insight Overseas P. Ltd.

    Best of luck , and wish more n more success

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Thanks for your wishes. 🙂

  151. Rubemar Albuquerque

    Parabéns…Só tenho agradecer, muito obrigadoooo!!

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Thank you, Rubemar!

  152. Abhishek

    good. Congrats

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Thank you, Abhishek.

  153. Ashfaq

    great! keep going!

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Thank you, Ashfaq!

  154. Prasanna

    All the best for your future.

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Thanks, Prasanna! 🙂


    Zoho mail services are excellent .thanks for your services

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Hey Rajesh,
      We’re glad to hear that you enjoy using Zoho Mail! 🙂

  156. Yatin Shah

    Its Great achivement! All the very best for future.

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Thanks for your wishes, Yatin. 🙂

  157. Sriram

    Great thing! 🙂

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Thank you, Sriram.

  158. Ahmed L Jamal

    Thank you for all your services for such awesome prices! We really have benefited alot from your Email services! I hope you keep growing and keep getting better and better! 😀

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Your kind words mean a lot to us, Ahmed. Thank you 🙂

  159. Joshua

    Zoho! you are indeed amazing.
    Many Thanks

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Thanks for your kind words, Joshua. Keep using Zoho!

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Hi Velu,
      We, at Zoho, are glad to know that you enjoy using Zoho. Thank you!

  160. Wasim Khan

    congrats for 10 yr with million users. god, bless you, guys.
    Its really amazing experience using Zoho services.

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Thanks for your wishes, Wasim. Keep using Zoho! 🙂

  161. krishna

    congrats for 10 successful yr…..

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Thanks for your wishes, Krishna.

  162. dawood pack

    i liked

  163. Alraislabs

    Zoho mail services are excellent. We wish you all the best from Alrais Labs.(www.alraislabs.com)

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Thank you for the wishes. We’re glad to know that you enjoy using Zoho Mail! 🙂

  164. Chander

    Thoroughly enjoyed using Zoho products over the years. Here’s wishing Team Zoho all the very best in the coming years.

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Hi Chander,
      Thanks for your wishes. Keep using Zoho!

  165. Ashwath Patil

    I enjoy working on most of the Zoho products, which addresses all my key areas of office. Keep churning out new things. Wishing you all the very best for future journey.

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Hi Ashwath,
      We’re elated to know that Zoho serves the needs of your organization. Thanks for your support!

  166. Chaitrali

    Congratulations Zoho team,
    Its really amazing experience using Zoho services.
    Good Wishes to all

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Hey Chaitrali,
      Thanks for your wishes. Keep using Zoho! 😀

  167. Javed Fayyaz

    I really feel good experience using Zoho Services.
    Many features are unique and tell us deep thoughts by the Zoho Team.
    My Good wishes to all the concerns and Stake holders of ZOHO Team.

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Hey Javed,
      Thanks for your support. We are glad to know that you’re happy with Zoho services.


    We are really happy with your services. Long way to go..
    Best of luck team Zoho

    • Pavithra Murugan

      Hi Amit,
      Thank you for your wishes. We, at Zoho, are glad that you enjoy using our services! 🙂


        congratulations to you ZOHO