User Guide

This guide will walk you through the key features and instructions needed to establish to manage your organization and initiate a remote assistance session.

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System Requirements

System requirements to conduct a remote assistance session and for a customer to join a session are given here.

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We offer an array of frequently asked questions in response to queries on remote assistance, security, pricing and much more.

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Product Roadmap

Share your ideas and help us to prioritize features in the pipeline. Share your feedback on how a particular feature would make a difference.

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Customer SDK

Use Zoho Lens's SDKs for iOS and Android to build custom mobile apps for your customer.

iOS SDK    Android SDK



Stay updated on all the major updates, announcements, tips, reviews, case studies and industry trends here.

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Explore how Zoho Lens helps your organization achieve compliance policies like HIPAA through various security and privacy measures.

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What's New

Stay up-to-date with all the new features, enhancements, crucial bug fixes, significant changes and release notes here.

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