• What is Zoho Lens?

    Zoho Lens is a cloud-based software that allows technicians to provide real-time remote assistance to customers using a smartphone camera or smart glass at the remote end using augmented reality.

  • Can I rebrand Zoho Lens?

    Yes, an Administrator can rebrand Zoho Lens by including their company's logo, name, and favicon and use a customize portal URL. With our Custom Domain feature, you will be able to use Zoho Lens from a domain of your choice.

  • What are the system requirements of Zoho Lens?

    System requirements for an expert and end-user are given here.

  • Can I record a remote assistance session?

    Yes, you will be able to record a remote assistance session. To enable session recording, go to Settings > General > Session Recording.

  • Is cloud storage available in Zoho Lens?

    Yes, cloud storage is available in Zoho Lens for session recording and snapshots captured during a session. You are offered 3GB free cloud storage, and an additional 1GB extra for each technician license you purchase.

  • What are the options that I have with regards to session analytics and audit?

    Zoho Lens allows administrators to track activities carried out in their organization and provides them with metrics that aid them in making better decisions. You can keep track of all sessions in the organization with session analytics and session recording. Administrators can also access the action log viewer to help them monitor changes made in their organization account.

  • How can I add more users to my organization account?

    You can invite any number of users to your organization account. The administrator can also grant specific permissions to every user in the organization. Click here to read more User Management.

  • Do you support smart glasses?

    Yes, we do support smart glasses. Realwear, Vuzix and Epson are the three smart glasses we support for various AR industrial applications. Write to us at if you require support for any other brand of smart glasses.

Remote Assistance

  • Do I need an application to start a remote assistance session?

    No, there is no need to install an application. You will be able to start a session from your browser. Click here to see our browser requirements.

  • Are there duration limits for a remote assistance session?

    There are no time limits for remote assistance sessions. Your sessions will be active until you or your customer terminate the session.

  • How to assist an end user with Zoho Lens?

    An Expert can initiate a session from by clicking on Start Now to assist an end-user. The end-user must download the Zoho Lens customer application from Playstore or Appstore to join the session. He or She can download the Zoho Lens customer app using the link in the SMS or email invite sent by the Expert. Click here to read more about the initiation of a remote assistance session in Zoho Lens.

  • Will the snapshots I capture during a session saved on the cloud?

    Yes, the snapshots you capture will be saved on the cloud. To download the snapshots, go to > Files.

  • Can end users terminate a remote assistance session when they want?

    Yes, an end-user can terminate a session whenever they need by using the end session button on the user console.

  • Is it possible to send personalized email invites?

    Yes, you can customize the email invite content sent to the customers by using our email templates feature. You can include custom fields such as Expert name, customer name, organization name, and joining link in your email invite. Click here to read more customizing email templates.


  • Is Zoho Lens secure?

    Yes, it is absolutely secure. All transmissions take place through Industry Standard Security using SSL/256-bit AES encryption protocols. This is the same standard used in Online Banking and Payment transactions.

Payment related queries

  • What payment methods do you accept? 

    We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal (you must have an account with PayPal to make payments with it). We also accept payment via bank transfer or check transfer for yearly subscriptions.

  • How to setup and manage recurring payments/renewals on Zoho Lens?

    Your monthly and yearly subscriptions will auto-renew until you cancel the service. Every time before your subscription auto-renews, we'll send a mail specifying the amount that will be charged on your credit card. Once the renewal is successful we will send you a receipt along with the next renewal date.

  • How can I upgrade my account to a paid plan?

    Once you login, click on UPGRADE (present below the top menu bar) > Select the plan and click Proceed. Enter your plan and payment details to complete the process.

  • How to move an existing offline billing profile to an online billing profile?

    To move to online payment mode, click on MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION and click on the link Payment method. The primary benefit of online billing is that it supports auto-renewal. Also you can change plans, upgrade, and purchase add-ons anytime without contacting the sales team thereby avoiding delay

  • What is your refund policy?

    Click here to know our refund policy.