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Creating assessments for online training using LMS

  • Last Updated : October 11, 2023
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Creating effective online courses is the first step in building a robust training program. But it's important to make sure your learners remember the information presented in the course for the training to be effective.

Quizzes play an important role in reinforcing the training that helps build an educated workforce that’s well prepared for your organization’s future. A successful quiz helps learners retain knowledge and remain confident about completing the tasks assigned to them. Quizzes in an LMS can be designed to fit your assessment needs and maximize the results of your training strategy.

How can you build effective quizzes for your training programs? 

Ensure the assessment type matches your goals 

The questions on your exams should be designed based on the assessment objective you want to achieve. Here are the different types of assessments you can include in your course:

Tests and quizzes  

Add tests to your course to get a quantitative analysis of learners’ knowledge in the training program. You can use tests to evaluate learners’ performance and provide feedback. Tests can be included at the end of a single module or at the completion of the entire course, and can be graded depending on how you want to measure results.

Knowledge checks  

Knowledge checks are non-graded exercises added between the lessons in a course. They can be used to reinforce the concepts covered in the training program to ensure that learners remember that information before moving on to the next module.

Projects or assignments

Projects or assignments can be used when you want to give your learners hands-on experience in the topics covered in the lessons. Learners can complete these projects on their own and upload their submissions for evaluation. Instructors can then manually evaluate the submissions and grade them as a part of their training program.  

Use the right question and answer types 

Creating variety in the questions and answers helps keep your learners engaged throughout the assessment. LMS solutions come with a wide range of question types— such as single-choice, multiple-choice, descriptive, and fill-in-the-blank—to assess your learners’ comprehension of the material you’ve presented. You can also make your quizzes more interesting by adding appropriate multimedia content to the questions and answers, such as images, audio, videos, or rich text.  

Customize your quiz delivery 

Creating tailor-made quizzes provides unique experiences for your learners. The customization options in LMS tools allow you to change the appearance and theme of your quizzes to match your brand. You can also change the behavior of each quiz based on the type of quiz you want to conduct. You can set a passing score for your quiz, limit the maximum number of attempts, enable a countdown timer, or change the navigation from one question to another.

Enable a feedback mechanism  

A proper feedback loop improves the testing process by helping learners understand the areas where they need improvement. Choose a feedback mechanism depending on the effect you want to create, and add separate customized messages for the answers after each question or at the end of the quiz.

Reward learners based on results 

Rewards play an important role in motivating learners and keeping them committed to organizational training for the long run. You can build custom certificates with the certification tools in your LMS and award them to the learners to validate their test performance.

Analyze your exam results 

Online LMS solutions come with reporting tools to track the progress and performance of your learners. You can generate reports on your learners’ performance in the assessments to determine areas of improvement and, guided by the results, design follow-up quizzes and subsequent course materials.

Build mobile-compatible quizzes 

Mobile phones help learners carry out their training at their convenience, even when they’re not at their desks. Designing mobile-friendly quizzes ensures that learners have the same assessment experience on all of their devices.

Wrapping up 

Before integrating assessments into your online training programs, you need to come up with the right strategy and tools to create quizzes and assignments that allow learners to apply what they’ve learned. Online LMS solutions come with intuitive quiz builders that help your organization build value-added assessments for your learners as well as for your organization.

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