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Build your team's collective knowledge

Create a central knowledge source to enable access to valuable information and resources.

Build Collective knowledge Build Collective knowledge
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Organize your knowledge the smart way

Manuals are the foundation of knowledge management in Zoho Learn. Group related information into Manuals under each Space to create a structured hierarchy where you can find what you need with a couple of clicks.

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Resource sharing
Resource sharing Resource sharing
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Share resources with each other

Publish your articles when they are good to go. Share your content and control access using flexible permissions. Assign admin, contributor, or reader access privileges to users depending on their needs.

Everything you need to build a robust knowledge base

  • spaces


    Create shared workspaces for capturing knowledge and making it accessible in a common location.

  • Articles

    Articles and Chapters

    Create content for your knowledge base using articles and group related articles into chapters.

  • editor

    Collaborative wiki editor

    Collaborate in real time with other contributors to co-edit your articles.

  • Templates


    Save common pieces of content as article templates to reuse them.

  • tracking

    Version tracking

    Maintain multiple versions of articles and track their changes.

  • Comments


    Provide feedback and participate in discussions using comments, replies, and @mentions.

Streamline your online training process

Build and manage learning programs based on the needs of learners, evaluate their progress, and measure the impact of your training courses.

Build Collective knowledge Build Collective knowledge
Zoho Learn
Zoho Learn Zoho Learn Zoho Learn
Zoho Learn

Build engaging learning materials

Offer high quality, relevant, and up-to-date content to provide compelling learning experiences to your learners. Create and manage structured and interactive content with ease to keep your learners motivated and help them accomplish their learning goals.

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Put your learner's knowledge to the test

Create quizzes to help your employees retain what they’ve learned. These quizzes help gauge if your employees have absorbed the material and gained the necessary skills and expertise to fulfill their roles.

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Zoho Learn
Zoho Learn Zoho Learn
Zoho Learn
Zoho Learn

Measure the results of your training program

Get useful insights into your learners' experience and engagement to improve your employee training program. Zoho Learn's analytics give you a full picture of the impact your courses have so you can tailor them accordingly.

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Powerful features to facilitate effective course management

  • Course builder

    Course builder

    Easily build beautiful courses. Work with a range of lesson materials, such as video, audio, image, document, text, process, and list.

  • Discussions


    Post questions and ideas on course subjects to participate in discussions with instructors.

  • Drip schedule

    Drip schedule

    Set a schedule for your content and release your lessons on specific calendar dates.

  • Mark as complete

    Mark as complete

    Allow your learners to mark lessons that cover topics they already know as complete and move to the next lesson.

  • Quizzes and Assignments

    Quizzes and Assignments

    Build interactive quizzes by choosing from a range of question types. Integrate assignments and evaluate submissions.

  • Course and quiz settings

    Course and quiz settings

    Customize your courses with course settings. Set rules for your quiz to specify how the quiz behaves.

Come together as a team, create and share knowledge.

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