Make data-driven decisions

Get quick insights into key indicators to understand how your learners are performing. Track individual employees’ progress to identify knowledge gaps and strengths.

Course reports

Get an overall summary of the course and information relating to individual lessons. Zoho Learn provides data on the number of users who have taken your course, the average time spent on the course, and the percentage of learners who have completed the course, allowing you to see what’s working and revisit what’s not.

Zoho Learn Course Report

Quiz reports

Generate quiz reports and monitor the performance of your employees. Determine areas of improvement and send follow up quizzes to learners depending on the results. Track the total attempts for each quiz, the percentage of right and wrong answers, and a summary of the responses to each question.

Zoho Learn Quiz Report

User reports

Reach out to your employees and provide personalized recommendations depending on the user-specific reports of your courses and quizzes. Get a detailed analysis of the time taken by each user to complete a course, their quiz scores, number of quiz attempts, and their response to each question.

Zoho Learn User Report

Draw actionable insights and make informed decisions.

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