Cloud-based inventory control software

Create efficient sales strategies, avoid stockouts, reorder items on time, and keep your customers satisfied with Zoho Inventory, complete inventory control software.

 Dashboard-Online Inventory Management Software | Zoho Inventory

Centralized inventory management

Inventory control system | Zoho Inventory
Centralized inventory

Say goodbye to manual data entry errors. Your inventory quantities get automatically updated across all of your sales platforms whenever a sale is made in any one of them.

Organize products- Inventory control| Zoho Inventory
Product listing

View all your products under a single window. Organize and sort your product list using important information like price, cost, availability, and SKUs.

Control product movement- inventory control| Zoho Inventory
Product history

See what's happened with your product. View previous reorders, quantities sold and available and dates on which it was purchased and sold.

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Item management

Item bundling

Create item bundles for your next sale season, hassle-free. Bundle several items together and sell them as a single unit, and customize bundles to meet specific customer requirements.

Planned reordering

Never miss a sale. Use reorder limits, preferred vendors, and reminders to quickly refill items before they go out of stock.

Stock level adjustment

Stock adjustments are now made easier using Zoho's inventory management software. Adjust your stock levels to reflect new products, returns, and damages. Record the details of every adjustment to prevent inventory count mismatches.

Inventory features

barcode scanning- Inventory Management System | Zoho Inventory

Barcode scanning

Save time and increase efficiency with barcode inventory management. Scan items' barcodes to auto-populate the item details every time a sales order, purchase order, or invoice is created.

Track-items-inventory control | Zoho Inventory

Batch and expiration date tracking

Sell your items while they're fresh. Track your batches and monitor their expiration dates so that you never sell an item past its prime.

Serial number tracking-Inventory control software| Zoho Inventory

Serial number tracking

Keep tabs on every item in your inventory. Serial number tracking enables you to track each item in your inventory and follow its movement from purchase to sale.


Manage and fullfill orders on the go.

Stay connected and get real-time updates on the order status, no matter where you are.

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Fulfill your orders hassel-free using Zoho Inventory

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