Planned maintenance of our US Data Center

General | December 6, 2017 | 1 min read

Dear Customers,

We had announced in September 2017 about the annual infrastructure maintenance of our US Data Centers in this blog. Because of unavoidable reasons, the activity was postponed and we promised to keep you informed on the future dates.

Planned Maintenance of our US Data Centers is scheduled from 17th December, 2017 to 31st December 2017.

During this upgrade process, all Zoho services will continue to be operational and we do not anticipate any major interruptions in using our services.

We will update this blog once the data center maintenance is complete. In the rare event that you do experience any issues with our services, please feel free to tweet us @zohocares or email us on and we’ll reach out to you immediately.

Update on last year’s maintenance activity can be read here.

If you have whitelisted our Zoho IP address, please include the following IP address also to the list
Thank you for your support. Zoho wishes you & your team Happy Holidays!
Peter Balaji
Director of Customer Service

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  1. ji

    Sooooooo….. Has this been completed yet??

  2. Benny WYNANTS

    I need payable and FLAMISH assistance ! Local representatives are very expensive and mostly not capable !
    On top I am not a ICT engineer to understand your language and meanings when I phone; very frustrating !
    Nevertheless very happy with Zoho ! Many thanks Peter ! Succesfull 2018 !

  3. rajkumar

    my mails are not delivered and it shows error 41

  4. Maulin Amin

    I am not getting the verification texts!!!!!!!! Your customer care has not replied since yesterday and I have not been able to login! Your associate keeps asking for the same details.

  5. Brenda

    Happy holidays Peter. I really love your service 🙂

  6. Charles Mosquera


    I’m trying to renew. However when I press continue, it doesn’t take me to the next page. Please advise; thanks.

    Kind regards.

  7. Scott Werdebaugh

    Thank you for keeping us apprised with Zoho Mail. I love Zoho Mail, and I wish I could say the same for your website support!!!

    Unfortunately, I have not found that Zoho Cares one whit about the fact that my website has been corrupted and all my pages have apparently been deleted by no action of my own. I have repeatedly sought help in restoring these lost pages, representing many years of work! All I have received from Zoho Cares is a deaf uncaring ear and NO HELP!!! Since I will apparently have to start all over with a website, I will have to look elsewhere for a host unless Zoho Cares intervenes in the very near future!!! I have sent numerous emails about this problem and even spoke on the phone but Zoho refuses to do what they need to do so far! So, again, you have lost a long-time customer, unless Zoho Cares corrects this problem immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Clint Gallatin

    New to ZOHO…. I can’t think of a better business that offers great product and interaction with the customer…. with a notification banner like this company. This lets me know if there is a problem.. I know its something that is being worked on. I will be in no hurry and will be understanding of maintenance. Thanks for the notification… All the best to the Zoho teams!


    I LOVE YOUR SERVICE!!! Very Happy.

  10. Venkata Krishna. C


  11. waseem akram

    Dear sir if server is going busy on that time how do we create the invoices and estimates pls do inform earlier


  12. vipul kaduskar

    Nice Software

  13. christo


  14. Phoenixboy


  15. Elaine

    we are actively filling a large event in Las Vegas for January, I do hope we do not have any shut down or issues as I do recall my team did experience before when this was happening.

  16. Trieu Le Quoc

    Thank you

  17. parth

    ok sir

  18. Abhishek Chauhan

    would services will be closed during that time?
    I cant use zoho books during that time??

  19. piyush kharmale

    we will be not able to use this zoho books app during your maintenance.

  20. laura shuster


  21. Manaswini Ojha

    Thnx for the information,we will definitely reach at you if any issues are thre

  22. Calvin

    What is going to be upgraded?

  23. Ashim Jain

    I know this is not the place for this but didn’t know where else to tell you.

    I recently started using Zoho mail, and what an incredibly pleasant experience! I previously thought gmail was amongst the best email interface but your site knocks the socks off of Google. You have no ads, clean interface will all the sophistication some of us want and works flawlessly.

    Review websites are clearly not doing Zoho justice as it took me a while to find you guys.

    Really appreciate your ad-free and cost-free services to the people…. with gratitude.

  24. Bill Richards


  25. Maroon Corey

    This is a very bad time of year to perform this level of maintenance. The risk of lapses in service during part of the busiest time of year for the North American retail and entertainment economy is too great. I don’t know what your customer base in the northwestern hemisphere is, but even if it is 20-30% it warrants pushing maintenance until after the new year.

  26. Shannon

    I’m clear on what to expect, when to expect it, the steps I may need to take regarding IP addresses, and steps to take if I have any unexpected issues. Thank you, as ever, for being so proactive and thorough in your communication with us. You’re the best.

  27. Wayne Ramocan

    Thank you!

  28. nasar hussain

    great work

  29. Audrey Coppock

    Thank you very much for the heads up. Happy Holidays. 😉

  30. Michael

    Thank you for the notification!

  31. Levi

    Nice letter

  32. Christian Jopia

    Muchas gracias por la información

  33. Mahendran

    Thank you!!



  35. muhd ibrahim


  36. Bilquis

    Mr Peter,
    I hope Zoho people will not be affected under maintenance.

  37. Sheenah Osit

    Thank you zoho for updating us all.

  38. Nathan

    Thank you for the update. It is great to see that companies can still be transparent with their updates and maintenance!

  39. Juan Antonio Reus

    Thanks for your notice. Regards

  40. santa

    IT’S MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! not happy holidays!

  41. Lisa

    Hi Peter. Thanks for the update on the Planned Maintenance. Since it’s on US Data Center, I can assume that it won’t affect NZ users… right? Look forward to hearing from you soon. thank you and kind regards, Lisa

  42. tolu

    Thanks. Hopefully it will be uneventful


    Thank you for reminding us.

  44. Pavel

    Thank you!


    Thank you for this update! Just to let you know that I love Zoho. For me it is the best e-mail system ever!!! Keep up the good job!!!

  46. Lukeba Pedro Jorge

    Thank you we love and we hope that you be there for us for ever!! Happy New Year!

  47. Raul A. De Jesus

    What’s the reason for the maintenance? What’s being done?

  48. Bill Morris

    Thanks for the heads-up, and good luck!

  49. LaReigh Chase


  50. Drew

    Yes, please do some upgrades. The recent hiccups in such things as login screens (and others) are an annoyance (to put it politely)

  51. cohen

    keep me update

  52. IT Head

    Good evening,
    Mail system will work or entire Zoho One (all apps) will be down?

    IT Head

  53. Diego Pérez

    Thank you Peter and all Zoho Team, we enjoy to work with Zoho, we hope to don’t have any trouble while the maintenance

  54. Suveen

    fine…..expecting much more

  55. Amanda Mbenya

    noted Thanks

  56. Amanda Mbenya

    Noted Thank you,

  57. Kathie Daniel

    Thanks for the update!

  58. Sybe de Wit

    happy holidays!