Form Entries

Form Entries

Once you have successfully created and shared a form, the form responses are listed under All Entries. Here you can view all entries as a summary and group them based on certain criteria. You can also edit the entries, assign entries as tasks, and export them. 

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View Entries

Each form response you receive is added as a record under the All Entries section.

To view form responses,

  1. Click All Entries under your form's name, as shown below:

Alternatively, you can view your form responses by clicking the All Entries link given at the top-right side of your form-builder screen.

  1. All the entries of a form will appear on the new screen.

  1. If you want to rearrange the order of entries listed under a field, hover your mouse pointer over that field's name, click the drop-down button, and select Ascending or Descending based on your requirement.


  1. You can apply different font and background colors to choice-type fields (Dropdown, Radio, Multiple Choice, and Checkbox) to distinctly identify the choices while viewing form responses.

To do so, 

           i. Hover your mouse pointer over a choice-type field's name, click the drop-down button, and select Customize.

          ii. In the pop-up, set font and background colors for all the choices you've listed under a field.

Note: The color customizations applied here will be reflected in the reports you create. You will be able to modify or reset such customizations in your reports.

Edit Entries

Each form response you receive is added as a record under the All Entries section. You can edit the entries collected in the record.

To edit a record,

  • Click  on the left end of a record.
  • In the Edit Record pop-up, you can edit the entries in the fields.

  • Click Update.

Under Comments, you can enter your comments in the given box and click Add Comment button.

Assign Task

You can assign the task owner individually for a record or for a set of records. The task owner will be notified when they are assigned a task. You can also limit the task owner's editing permissions by clicking the link in the Note section.


To assign a task,

  • Select the records for which you need to assign the task and click Assign Task. 
  • In the Assign Task pop-up, choose the task owner from the Reassign To dropdown.
  • The task owner will be notified with an email containing a link to view the record. Click Assign and Notify.
  • To prevent notifying, uncheck NotifyUser checkbox and click Assign.

Merge Documents

You can create merged documents in Zoho Writer and WebMerge with the form responses you receive, using the Document Merge option. Click here to learn more about Document Merge. 

After configuring Document Merge, select the form entries to which you would like to send a merged document. Click the Merge dropdown in the All Entries section. Choose a service (say, Zoho Writer) and click Document Merge.

In addition, you can send records to a user in your organization to verify and sign the responses using Zoho Sign.

Default Search Filters

By default, the All Entries section lists all the form responses. To apply filters, click Filter by dropdown and choose the entries. You can filter entries based on the time they were submitted. You can also view the Partially Saved Entries. 

Custom Search Filters

You can search for specific fields and view entries based on set-conditions.

To do so,

  • Click the icon.
  • Choose a field to filter entries and enter your search criteria. 
  • Click Search button.

You can save the filtered entries as a new report.

To do so,

  • Click Save as New Report button at the top.
  • In the pop-up, enter a name for the new report and click Create.

Print Entries

You can print the form entries listed in the All Entries tab. The entries can be printed as a list or a summary.

To print form entries,

  1. Click the  icon.
  2. From the pop-up dialog box,
    • choose Print as List if you would like to print the entire report as a table.
    • choose Print as Summary if you would like to print individual summaries of all entries.
  3. Check the Include comments checkbox if you would like comments to be included.
  4. Click Print.

Note: If your form contains encrypted fields, you can choose to mask/unmask them while printing entries.

Export Entries

You can export your form entries for further analysis, as a PDF or a CSV file.


To export form entries,

  1. Click  icon in the All Entries section.
  2. In the Export Data pop-up, enter the file name.
  3. Select the CSV or PDF radio button to choose the format you wish to export the file.
  4. To secure the exported file with a password of your own, select Protect with a password.
  5. Click Done.

Note: If your form contains encrypted fields, you can choose to mask/unmask them while exporting entries.

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