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  • Moving your data into a CRM system
    Moving your data into a CRM system

    Now that you understand the importance of using a CRM during succession planning, you're ready to take the leap and install a CRM to manage your client database. Before you make the move, you'll need to have a strategy for seamlessly transferring all your data from your various programs to…

    4 mins read
  • What is CIS?
    What is Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)?

    CIS is a scheme in the UK, issued by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), for mainstream contractors and deemed contractors in the construction industry. The difference between the two is that the principal activity of mainstream contractors is construction. Construction is not the core business operation for deemed contractors, but…

    2 mins read
  • Expense fraud
    6 ways your employees can get crafty with expense fraud

    Where there is money, there is crime. Perhaps that is why expense fraud is prevalent in firms of all sizes despite being illegal. According to the 2018 report by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, expense reimbursement cases account for 21% of fraud in small businesses and 11% in enterprises. While it may sometimes be an honest mistake, it…

    5 mins read
  • Are you 1099 ready?
    Best practices for filing your 1099s this tax season

    Tax filing season has already begun in the US. It's time to get those 1099 forms ready as the deadline approaches. According to an IRS announcement, they will start accepting tax forms for the 2019 financial year starting January 27th. Form 1099 is also called an information return, which businesses file every year…

    3 mins read
  • Holiday season
    How to get through business travel during peak holiday season

    Business travel has its perks, but, especially around the holidays, you have to go through a lot to enjoy them. Let’s say you are on a business trip. At your fifth business meeting of the day, you are probably picturing yourself going back to the hotel room and hoarding the…

    5 mins read
  • Choosing payroll software
    Software is better than spreadsheets for payroll. Here’s why

    Spreadsheets are fantastic tools when used for the right purpose. However, businesses face problems when they extend the use of spreadsheets far beyond where they're helpful, such as completing the entire payroll process. Payroll is not just computing paychecks, and spreadsheets aren't the best tool for the process. While spreadsheets appear familiar and easy, using them…

    5 mins read
  • What is CIS?
    All You Need to Know About Closing Your Books

    What does it mean to "close your books?" Closing your books a year-end activity where business reports are finalised. "Books" refer to a company's transaction records that are used to generate financial statements. These transactions inform the business owner about the money flowing in and out of their business. Why is it important? Closed books indicate that your…

    2 mins read
  • Google Shopping
    An Intro to Google Shopping

    With the number of businesses starting up, it has become increasingly difficult for new businesses to get their products discovered. And because of this, their sales are taking a hit.  As a result, some businesses turn to popular marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy, so their products have a higher chance of getting noticed. Unfortunately, marketplaces can be expensive and…

    3 mins read