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  • ust-in-Time Inventory Management - Zoho Inventory
    What is ecommerce warehousing?

    E-commerce has become extremely popular in recent years, and the market is only expected to grow. According to Research and Markets, global ecommerce sales are expected to reach $6.07 trillion by 2024.   With so many businesses either switching to ecommerce, or starting their business ventures with ecommerce, it’s a good…

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  • What is Calendar Billing
    What is Calendar Billing?

    The billing process is an essential part of every business. A one-size-fits-all billing approach may not be feasible in the long run, because each business has different customer requirements that demand different billing approaches. Subscription businesses typically billing their customers based on the date on which they sign up or…

    7 mins read
  • 7 Tips for an Effective Nonprofit Website | Online Fundraising Guide
    7 Tips for an Effective Nonprofit Website | Online Fundraising Guide

    The number of nonprofit organizations, NGOs, and charities around the world is ever increasing. As of 2020, there are more than 10 million nonprofits and non-governmental organizations worldwide. While the growth of NGOs is good for the work they're doing in society, it also means the nonprofit world is becoming…

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  • What is Calendar Billing
    FAQs on ACH, SEPA, Direct Debit, BACS and other Subscription Payment Methods

     Q. What is an ACH payment? Automated Clearing House (ACH)  payment is an electronic money transfer system between bank accounts. These payments are processed by a centralized ACH network in the United States. ACH payment setup is suitable to collect both one-time and recurring payments. The customers only need to authorize…

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  • What is Calendar Billing
    FAQs on Recurring Billing and Invoicing

    Q.What is an invoice? An invoice is a transactional document that is sent to the customer by the seller. It serves as a legal document, as it is considered to be a proof of the transaction. A typical invoice contains: Products or services purchased by the customer Price of the…

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  • What is Calendar Billing
    FAQs on MRR, ARR, Churn, ARPU and other Key Subscription Metrics

    Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Q. What is MRR? Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is the total revenue generated by your business from active subscriptions in a specific month. Using MRR, subscription business owners can track monthly revenue from a specific product or service and differences in revenue month by month. MRR gives…

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  • What is Calendar Billing
    FAQs on Basics of Subscription Management

    Q. What is subscription management? Subscription management is handling customer lifecycle operations like onboarding subscribers, providing trials, managing plan upgrades and downgrades, issuing credits and refunds, and controlling billing actions. In a subscription business, items are sold periodically (weekly, monthly, or yearly) in different rate plans. The billing system is automated to receive the payments…

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  • Preparing your business for the holidays

    The holidays are the busiest time of the year for businesses, because there always seems to be a never ending list of things to do. This is ironic because it all starts from a more popular list that comes up during this time, the holiday shopping list. Check out our…

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