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  • What is expense management software?

    Most small businesses, startups, and mid-market companies resort to spreadsheets, paper forms, and other makeshift manual methods for expense reporting. Initially, this can be a good system for companies with a low headcount or for companies that don’t deal with many transactions yet. But as a business scales in terms…

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  • Zoho Expense Guides
    The complete guide to using purchase orders

    Let’s say a department in your firm needs specific raw materials to continue their operations. How do you go about it? In a perfect world, the departmental manager would reach out to their usual supplier, place an order, negotiate the contract, and get the supply delivered the very next day. Unfortunately,…

    6 mins read
  • Zoho Expense Guides
    What is an expense report?

    In any organization, employees might incur business expenses that they end up paying for out of their own pockets. This ranges from travel-related expenses and client luncheons to office supplies or tech devices. Because these expenses are incurred on behalf of the firm, employees will request reimbursement for any amount…

    6 mins read
  • What makes Zoho Inventory’s inventory tracking system stand out

    Inventory tracking refers to the processes involved in monitoring all the inventory (raw materials, finished goods, and unfinished goods) that a business owns and stores. This tracking begins when a batch of inventory enters the storage space, and continues until the batch has been delivered to the next owner. With inventory…

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  • Methods-of-inventory-tracking-Thumbnail
    Methods of tracking inventory

    Inventory tracking refers to the processes involved in accounting for every piece of inventory being held in a storage space for the entire time that it is there. Inventory tracking gives you better visibility of your products, helps you forecast your future demand, and can even help you weed out errors…

    6 mins read
  • Basics of inventory tracking
    Basics of inventory tracking

    What is inventory tracking? Inventory tracking refers to the process of a business continuously monitoring all of the inventory that it owns. Inventory has several definitions, but it most commonly means raw materials, unfinished goods, and ready-to-sell items. With inventory tracking, you have access to data such as your exact inventory…

    4 mins read
  • cash flow in business lifecycle
    Here’s How You Can Manage Cash Flow at Different Stages of Business Growth

    The life cycle of any business can be divided into four phases: launch, growth, maturity, and decline or renewal. Far too often, businesses fail to identify the actual stage their business is in, and miss opportunities for effective management. To take one common mistake as an example, a gradual increase in…

    5 mins read
  • What is Annual Recurring Revenue?
    What is Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)?

    Subscription fees are the main revenue stream of any subscription business, and accurately measuring that revenue plays a crucial role in understanding the financial health of your business and making wise investment decisions. Having a metric that tracks the year-over-year revenue flow allows for long-term planning and a realistic road map…

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