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  • Zoho Inventory content
    What is Headless Commerce?

    The ever-changing ecommerce landscape has arrived at yet another turning point—headless commerce. This emerging term is doing rounds across the ecommerce world, and it is the outcome of consumer behavior and expectations evolving at an alarming pace. Businesses need to deliver exceptional experiences consistently while also ensuring that they stay in…

    3 mins read
  • Accounting
    Audit trails: Everything you need to know

    Trails are usually fun exploration activities, but that context completely shifts when it relates to audits on your financial documents. These audits involve going through multiple documents, locating every change made to each one, and preparing a detailed list of these changes to present during an audit. That's where a specific…

    4 mins read
  • Invoicing template vs invoicing software
    Manual invoicing vs invoicing software: Which is better?

    New businesses may not have well-defined processes in place when they're just starting out, so it's common for them to do invoicing manually. Sometimes this means creating a paper invoice from scratch. It could also mean finding and downloading invoice templates for a word processor or spreadsheet program and manually…

    6 mins read
  • The RBI’s new auto-debit rules – Here’s what you need to know

    Subscribing for a service used to be easy. Businesses could auto-debit payments so customers wouldn't have to go through the hassle of remembering to pay at the end of every cycle. This was especially convenient since the business could ensure that they were paid on time, and the customer could…

    3 mins read
  • How to create an invoice
    How to create an invoice: Step by step guide

    According to a report from Credit Research Foundation, on average, 61% of late payments are due to administrative problems such as incorrect invoices. A clear and accurate invoice goes a long way in sustaining your business as a successful entity. It reflects your professionalism and works as brand equity, helping…

    4 mins read
  • What is an invoice?
    What is an invoice? | Definition, purpose, examples

    An invoice is an itemized commercial document that records the products or services delivered to the customer, the total amount due, and the preferred payment method. The seller can send either paper or electronic invoices to the customer. The invoices can be paid in one go or in installments, depending…

    5 mins read
  • FAQs on RBI's new auto-debit rules
    FAQs: RBI’s new auto-debit rules

    Q. What are the new RBI auto-debit guidelines? The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued new auto-debit guidelines that card-issuing banks should adhere to from October 1, 2021. These new rules are introduced to regulate recurring payment transactions using credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid instruments. - As per…

    4 mins read
  • Invoicing template vs invoicing software
    The 15 types of invoices your business needs

    While your teams are busy with everyday tasks and handling clients, it's easy to get overwhelmed by another important facet of business operations—invoices. Businesses need to be on top of their game to ensure they send invoices and get paid properly so that their cash flow remains consistent. But through…

    7 mins read