Help Documentation

1. Overview

Zoho Docs for your desktop lets you to sync your files in Zoho Docs to your computer and vice versa. The syncing is instantaneous, meaning, the syncing happens whenever you modify or add a new file or a folder either in Zoho Docs or in your computer. This helps you to work on your files offline, which gets updated to your Zoho Docs as soon as you go online. You can even sync your files to multiple computers using the same Zoho Docs account, which enables you to work from any of your computer, be it  your office or a home computer.

2. Download and Install Zoho Docs for your Desktop

Zoho Docs for Desktop can be installed on a Windows, Mac or Linux computers. The details of the supported OS on are given below:

PlatformOs VersionsDownload Zoho Docs
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Download
Windows MSI Installer
Mac OSX 10.6 or later versions Download
DMG Package
Ubuntu x64
Debian x64
Linux Mint x64
Fedora x64
Linux Package
Ubuntu x86
Debian x86
Linux Mint x86
Fedora x86
Linux Package


Installation Procedure

  1. Download the Zoho Docs Sync.exe to the computer where you wish to install
  2. Double-click to execute the EXE and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

3. Login using Credential

After Successful installation, Zoho Docs login screen is displayed

Zoho Docs Signin

Specify your Zoho username and password to sign-in. After signing in, you will be asked to choose the sync folder to which the files from Zoho Docs be synced

Note: If you are connected to the internet via a proxy server, you will see an error as "Could not connect to Server" with a link to configure Proxy Server.

4. Setup Completion

The default sync folder location will be c:\users\<user name>\Zoho. You can change it to a preferred location. The next step is to choose the folders in your Zoho Docs to be synced to your computer. Click Zoho Docs Folders button

Zoho Docs Setup

The default option is to sync all the folders in your Zoho Docs account. You can choose to sync only the selected folders from your account. Select the required option and click OK. Click Next to see the summary of your setup.

Zoho Docs Setup Complete

Click Finish to complete the setup and to start syncing. You can verify the status of the sync from the Zoho Docs icon available in your system tray.

Zoho Docs Sync Tray Icon

5. Configuring Proxy Server

If the computer do not have a direct internet connection, you can specify how Zoho Docs should reach the internet. You can get into this screen by either clicking the Configure Proxy link on your login screen or by choosing the Settings option by right-clicking the Zoho Docs icon from your system tray.

Configure Proxy

Specify the details of the Proxy server and the authentication details, if required, and click OK.

6. Bandwidth Settings

Zoho Docs lets the users set the bandwidth limit for upload and download. While the default is set at "Low" for both upload and download, the users can change as per their requirement.

Bandwidth Settings

7. Select Folders to Sync

By default, Zoho Docs will sync all the files from your Zoho Docs account to your computer. If you have missed to choose the folders during the initial setup or if you wish to change the setting at a later point, you can do by choosing the Settings right-click menu from the Zoho Docs icon in the system tray.

Settings Folder

Click the Zoho Docs folder and choose the required option

Sync Options

Choose the Folders that you would need to sync and click OK.

Settings Folder

Note: If you have already synced all folders initially and if you choose to remove few folders now, those folders and files will automatically get deleted from your computer, provided the file versions on computer and your Zoho Docs are the same.

8. Syncing Docs to Multiple Computers

If you have multiple computers, say one at the office and one at home, you can still sync the files in your Zoho Docs account to all the computers. All you have to do is to download the Zoho Docs Sync and install on all the computers to which you wish to sync your contents. Follow the steps below:

Download and install Zoho Docs on all the computers to which you wish to sync your contents

Use the same Zoho account to login in all the computers

Follow the setup instructions to configure proxy settings and to choose the folders.

The settings need not be the same in all the computers. For example, you can choose to sync all the folders in one computer and only selected folders in another.

It is all set now. Whenever there is a change in the files in any of the computer, it automatically get updated  in all the other computers and to your Zoho Docs and vice versa

9. Disconnecting a Computer

When you no longer wish to sync your Zoho Docs and the computer, you can Disconnect that computer. When you Disconnect a computer, the contents of your sync folder in that computer is not deleted, only the sync between that computer and Zoho Docs is stopped.

To Disconnect a computer,

Choose Settings from the right-click menu of Zoho Docs icon from the system tray.

Select the General tab

Click Disconnect This Computer button. Click OK on the confirmation message
Disconnect Computer




10. Manage Linked Devices

You can view all your linked devices and disconnect any of them right from your Zoho Docs page.

To manage linked devices:

  1. From the Settings icon in your Zoho Docs homepage select Connected Devices.

    Disconnect Computer

  2. All your connected devices will be listed here.
  3. Click Disconnect to unlink any device from your Zoho Docs account.

Disconnect Computer


11. Disconnect Linked Devices

You can uninstall any of your linked devices and add new ones in just few steps.

To uninstall a linked device:

  1. Right-click the tray icon and click Preference>Disconnect computer.
  2. Quit the agent.
  3. Double click on the uninstaller file extracted from ZohoDocs.tar.gz