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Offline Setup

Zoho Writer enables you to access your documents from a web browser even when you are not connected to the internet. At a time, you can download 200 of the recently modified documents to work in the offline mode. After you go online, all the edits made in offline mode are automatically synced when the document is open. If you have multiple documents edited in offline mode, then you must either open all the modified documents manually or sync the documents using the Options menu.

Features supported in offline mode:

  • View Documents
  • Edit Document (including shared documents)
  • Comment
  • Text , Paragraph, List and Tables

How to Configure Offline Setup?

You need to setup the settings for the Offline mode only once and you can continue editing the document. When network gets disconnected, the editor automatically switches from online to offline mode and back when the network connects.

  1. In the top right corner of your Zoho Writer document, next to your username, click the Options  icon. The Options drop-down list is displayed.
  2. Click Offline > SetupOffline
  3. A warning dialog appears asking your permission to setup offline. Click Proceed to setup offline.
    It is advised that offline mode not to be used on a public computer at a school or library, as your documents will be available unencrypted to anyone with access to your computer's browser.
  4. All the documents that were modified recently are listed in the page with their corresponding download status.
  5. After the setup is completed, the page displayed the total number of documents that were synced, the number of documents in completed and failed status.


  • Maximum of 200 documents are displayed in this page for offline setup.
  • If during the process you are prompted for permission to store documents offline, click Allow to continue the offline setup.
  • Offline Setup initiated from Private/Incognito Window will be valid only for that Session. Once the window is closed, all your Offline data will be lost.

How to Access Offline Documents?

  1. To access and edit documents in offline mode, use the following URL:
    All the documents available offline are listed here.
  2. Click the name of document that you want to edit, and start editing.


  • You cannot edit a document in more than one tab in offline mode.

How to Sync Documents Edited Offline?

  1. The documents that are open in the browser when you go online, syncs automatically.

  2. To sync other documents that were modified in offline mode and closed, open each documents manually from Zoho Docs


  3. Click the Options icon, and click Offline>Sync Status. The Offline Sync Status window is displayed, showing the sync status of all the document.  

  4. To sync document, click Sync Documents.


  • To view offline document status in online mode, click Options>Offline>Sync Status.

Remove Offline Setup

You can remove offline data stored in a browser using the Remove offline setup option. All documents and the edits made (if any) will be removed.

To remove offline setup:

  1. In the top right corner of Writer page, click Options>Offline.
  2. In the drop-down list, click Remove offline setup
    A warning dialog appears asking your permission to remove offline setup. Click Proceed to remove offline setup
    Warning: Clearing the all browser history will remove offline data completely.


  • Chrome, Firefox and Opera are the supported browsers. We do not support Internet Explorer and Safari.
  • Since offline feature is browser dependent, you can work offline only in the browser in which you have configured the offline setup. You have to configure setup offline in each browser separately. if you intend to work offline in multiple browsers in the same system.
  • Only one user can configure the setup offline in a browser. For multiple users, use different browsers to configure offline setup.
  • Features not supported in offline mode:
    • New Document Creation
    • Insert Image , Shapes,Watermark , Equations , Video , Quick Text
    • Track Changes
    • Mail Merge
    • Version History
    • Sharing, Publish and Checkout
    • Print Preview

Troubleshooting Tips

  • In case of any issue during offline setup, clear your browser history with "offline website data" and "cache" ticked and then try offline setup.


  • This will clear all your browsers local data for all website.

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