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Spell Check and Automatic Corrections

You can use Zoho Writer's spell check -- enabled by default -- to find misspelled words and see suggested spellings. Words with spelling suggestions are automatically underlined in red. Simply right-click an underlined word to see the suggested correction and replace the misspelled word. Zoho Writer uses contextual spelling suggestions to try to figure out which words you meant to type based on the content in your document. Sometimes we’ll even make suggestions for valid dictionary words if we think it’s much more likely that you meant to use a different word. You can turn off the spell checker by deselecting Show spelling suggestions from the View drop-down menu.

To use the spell check tool:

  1. Right click on the misspelt word that is underlined in red
  2. The drop-down menu will show you alternatives to the word you misspelt
  3. Select the right option and the misspelt word will be be replaced with the correct word
  4. If you want to the spelling error to be ignored then click on Ignore. The red underline will not show

Add Word To Personal Dictionary

If you want Zoho Writer not to show an error for a particular word, then you can choose the Add to Dictionary. The word will be added to your personal dictionary and will be ignored during Spell Check.

To add a word to personal dictionary:

  1. Right click on the word showing an error
  2. From the drop-down menu click on the Add to Dictionary option
  3. To view if the word has been added to your dictionary click on the Tools tab in the toolbar and click on Personal Dictionary
  4. A pop-up will appear showing the words that have been added to your dictionary
    The next time you type a word in the personal dictionary, it will not show an error.

Auto correct

If you want a misspelt word to be automatically replaced with another word then you can choose the Auto correct option

To use the auto correct option:

  1. Right click on the word showing an error
  2. From the drop-down menu click on the Auto correct option
  3. In the pop-up the flagged word will be listed under Replace column and enter the word to be replaced with under With column
  4. Then click on button with the green add sign
  5. The word that was flagged will be automatically replaced with the word given in auto correct

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