Creating Workflow Automation

In business, there are numerous everyday activities and processes that need to be done and when automated will save time and effort. For example, as a sales manager you may need to assign the leads to various sales reps based on certain criteria. Also, your sales executives may need to send pre-sales and post sales follow up emails to customers at scheduled intervals. Automating these activities can help you save a lot of time and effort.

Zoho Developer console helps you simplify this automation process across multiple CRM systems. Rather than setting up automation rules for every CRM individually, you can create an extension with all these automation rules predefined using Zoho Developer Console. You can then install this extension to your CRM systems. These automation rules will then be applied to your CRM systems. This helps you reduce time and effort in setting up automation rules for every single CRM system individually.

Workflow Rules 

Set up workflow rules and define a set of actions (alerts, tasks and field updates) that are executed when certain specified conditions are met.

Workflow Alerts 

Create an email template to alert the specified group of people, when the workflow rule is triggered.

Workflow Tasks 

Assign tasks to users when the associated workflow rules are triggered.

Workflow Field Updates 

Update the values of the specified fields that are associated with a workflow automatically, when the workflow rule is triggered.


Enable communication with third-party applications instantly by sending instant web notifications every time an event occurs in your application.

Custom Functions 

Update the data in related modules or third-party applications by executing easy to program scripts.

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