Workflow Tasks

Workflow Tasks

Workflow tasks allow you to automatically delegate important responsiblities to different employees with the end user organization.

To create a workflow task

  1. Log in to Zoho Developer console and click Extensions for Zoho CRM.
  2. Select the extension you'd like to modify and click Edit.
  3. Click Automate in the left pane of the Extension Details page and click Workflow.
  4. Select Tasks tab at the top of the page.
  5. In the New Task page, do the following:
    • Select the Module from the drop-down list.
    • Enter a Subject for the task.
    • Specify the Due Date.
    • Select the Status of the task from the drop-down list.
    • Select the task Priority from the drop-down list.
    • Select the user from the Assigned To lookup list to assign the task.
    • If you'd like to notify the recipient of the task via email, click the check box labeled Notify Assignee.
    • If you'd like to send a reminder to the recepient of the task, click the check box labeled Remind Assignee.
    • Select the day and time you'd like the reminder to be sent.
    • Select the type of reminder:
      • Alert through Email - A reminder email will be sent to the task owner at the specified time.
      • Alert through Pop-up - A pop-up reminder will be initiated to the task owner at the specified time.
    • Enter the task Description.
  6. Click Save.
    A new workflow task will now be available.


  • Workflow tasks cannot be created for records that do not support tasks in Zoho  CRM. 
  • Workflow tasks cannot be associated to a workflow rule if the Execution Criteria selected for a rule is 'Delete'.
  • If the Assigned To field is left blank, the system will automatically assign the Task to the record's owner.

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