Your digital companion with a voice

Need some help? Ask Zia, the conversational assistant built into Zoho CRM . She can help you with many of your everyday activities, from taking notes to computing sales numbers. You can reach out to her from the bottom corner of your desktop screen or by calling her from your mobile app. She's always up for a conversation.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Access your CRM on the move
  • Take notes and create tasks with your voice
  • Get charts, fetch numbers instantly
  • Modify how your assistant helps you

Zia has all the answers—at least from your CRM

Your CRM has an ocean of data, and finding that one particular pearl that you're looking for might be tricky on your phone. But Zia can find that instantly. Zia can fetch data such as records, metrics, charts, and meetings in the CRM just by listening to your voice commands—it's that simple!

Get things done with your voice

When you're busy selling, you won't have the time to scroll, edit, and save new information. Instead, ask Zia to perform actions for you such as making a chart, creating a task, taking a note, or calling a customer.


Say it and forget about it

Whether it's placing an order or changing a status, give Zia the specifics and she'll get it done for you. Zia prompts you for information you may have forgotten and saves these activities to the respective record details so your records stay up to date.


Help Zia help you

Every company has its lingo. It might be hard for your newbies to catch on, but it's not hard for Zia. In the past year, Zia has been learning how to speak "sales" from our own sales team, and you can teach her how to speak your language too. Customize actions for Zia to perform with the terminology that your team uses. Set up the flow of questions, so Zia remembers to ask for information that your team may miss.

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