Automate repetitive actions with Zia

Zia observes your day-to-day sales activities and identifies patterns—combinations of actions based on repetition. Zia registers these patterns and makes personalized macro suggestions to automate these tasks. Zia can also calculate the efficiency of your workflows and help keep you from making mistakes, like sending an email twice to the same user.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how we can help you

  • Automate tasks and save time
  • Focus on selling instead of data entry
  • Minimize human errors

Zia finds patterns and suggests workflows

Zia combs through your audit logs and activity history to identify patterns in your data and suggests pre-built workflows to make your sales process easier. You can choose to deploy these workflows immediately or edit them as needed, allowing your sales teams to save time and focus on closing deals.

Zia analyzes your history of manual activities and suggests predefined workflows to help you stay produtive

Let Zia take care of busywork

If a lead doesn't pick up your call, what do you do? You can leave an email saying that you tried calling them, update the field status, and create a task to call them again after two days. Keep doing this a lot and Zia learns from your routine—she'll suggest you macros and automate them to save you time.


Write your own macros!

On top of Zia's macro suggestions, you can also write your own macros for tasks that need to be automated. You can pick a set of tasks that need to be done, specify when it needs to come online, and Zia will take care of it for you.


Automation failsafe

Zia also calculates the efficiency of your workflows and stops you from making mistakes. If you're sending an email template twice to the same user, Zia will raise an alert, ensuring that your workflow rules don't overlap and cause trouble.