Performance insights for past, present, and future sales

There's so much happening in a CRM for one person to realistically keep track of—except for Zia. She can keep tabs on all your performance metrics and generate reports in your dashboard. Zia can detect deviations as they happen, and even predict future anomalies and notify you ahead of time. Get insights on metrics that matter, and make better-informed decisions with Zia.

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Here's how we can help you

  • View every sales trend at a glance
  • Get notified about anomalies realtime
  • Predict future anomalies in advance

A timeline for any activity

Have your lead conversions improved? Are you having fewer meetings than usual? Zia can answer these questions for you with trend timelines of your sales activities. Zia can even predict future trends based on past performance and data in Zoho CRM . These trends are compared to your actual performance to see how every activity affects your sales.


Detect anomalies for any specific use-case

How do you determine if there's been a sudden drop in deals closed? You don’t have to wait for low sales numbers to find out. Using trends, Zia spots anomalies as they happen, and predicts future anomalies that could arise. Anomaly detection can be used for any field in CRM. You can define anomalies based on specific criteria, such as the minimum earnings from sales orders during your last quarter. If you start to dip below your own standards, Zia will let you know.


Get insights

Sales Pipeline

  • Lead Creation
  • Contact Creation
  • Deal Creation
  • Lead Conversion
  • Deals Closing


  • Deal Amount
  • Annual Revenue
  • Expected Revenue
  • Commission
  • Discounts


  • Emails Sent
  • Emails Opened
  • Emails Bounced


  • Goods in Demand
  • Goods in Stock

Time periods

  • Lead Conversion Time
  • Best Time to Contact
  • Sales Cycle Duration


  • Record Count for Modules
  • Probability of Deal Closure


  • Vendors
  • Price Books
  • Unit Price


  • Cases
  • Solutions


  • Task Closure
  • Event Creation
  • Calls Completed
  • Notes Created
  • Call Duration


  • Count of Campaigns
  • Campaigns Actual Cost
  • Campaigns Budget Cost
  • Campaigns Sent
  • Campaign Revenue


  • Goods Ordered
  • Sales Order Stats
  • Purchase Order Stats
  • Invoice Stats
  • Quotes Sent


  • Tax
  • Quarterly Quotas
  • Forecasts Quotas
  • Yearly Quotas
  • And more...
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