Improve sales from personalized mailer campaigns

When a company sells products across a wide range of categories, they need to get smart with their marketing. They need to use the data they have and experiment with various promotional strategies to optimize their revenue. Personalized mailers are a great way to tailor messaging to various segments and target them with relevant ads. Zoho CommandCenter can be used to orchestrate various marketing plans, compare their performance, and refine them so that they perform better.

Create engaging email flows with Zoho CommandCenter

In this scenario, a company launches two personalized mailer campaigns to increase sales for their range of fitness and nutrition products. For the first, they create engaging statistical reports based on each customer’s monthly fitness activity. Customers receive their reports along with ads for products they might like based on their activity. For the second campaign. the company sends out emails each time a customer achieves a personal best in their fitness activity or if their activity for the month is in the top ten percent across the state. These customers receive discounts for products popular among serious fitness enthusiasts. A customer is marked as interested if they engage with an email and add an item to their cart or wish list or bookmark it for later. If they don't complete the order, they receive follow-up emails talking about the benefits of the products or containing celebrity or influencer endorsements for the products they are interested in.

Refine marketing strategies based on customer response

Creating complete journeys for email campaigns in CommandCenter means that companies don’t need to stop at analyzing click rates, but can also analyze how each customer behaves after receiving each email. This keeps them informed about how well each campaign is received, and what stage a customer progresses to in their purchase journey in response. With this data, they can compare and identify their highest performing campaigns, and make improvements where necessary.

What happens behind the scenes?

CommandCenter receives signals from the company's marketing automation software to align this journey with users' responses to the email promotions. It also integrates with their commerce platform to track users' actions and receive information about new orders placed


Some of the integrations are not available out-of-the-box, and need to be built using Zoho's Open API. If you need help integrating CommandCenter with any of the platforms you use, contact us at