Win back customers who don't renew their subscriptions

Companies often provide value added services on a subscription basis. Retaining customers is as important a priority as adding new ones. This is why it is good practice to pay attention to customer churn rates and keep them at a minimum. With Zoho CommandCenter, you can create a routine to investigate the issue when a customer leaves, and attempt to win them back.

When a customer does not renew their subscription, they receive an automated feedback survey. This helps companies identify possible causes for the drop. If customers mark that they would be open to a callback, a sales rep immediately schedules a call to talk to them to understand their issues and, if possible, convince them to rejoin the program. A dedicated win-back campaign is launched to customers who don't request a callback or don't fill out a survey. Two messages are sent out via email and push notifications asking customers to renew their subscription. If they engage with these messages, they are marked interested. A special incentive is sent to first or second time dropouts to encourage them to rejoin the program. If they don't respond to any of these messages, the routine is paused for three months. This is treated as a passive win-back phase, where customers continue to receive marketing messages about changes in the program benefits or pricing. After three months, one more set of active renewal messages is sent out, before moving the customer permanently to the passive win-back mode. This way, a company can ensure it stays in touch with ex-subscribers and attempts to win them back each time they upgrade their program.

Design the best program for your customers

This journey offers clues as to what customers most need from the subscription program. For instance, they can identify which benefits lead to the highest repeat subscriptions. They can include similar benefits in the future or highlight them more in future marketing messages. Similarly, if customers respond more to pricing changes, they can revise their pricing strategies and create new plans based on this data.

What happens behind the scenes?

CommandCenter integrates with the company's commerce platform to track subscription cancellations and renewals. It also integrates with their survey and marketing automation software to send out the feedback survey and receive signals about users' responses to the win-back campaigns.


Some of the integrations are not available out-of-the-box, and need to be built using Zoho's Open API. If you need help integrating CommandCenter with any of the platforms you use, contact us at