Generate relevant sale messages

The ecommerce industry is highly competitive and companies need to be aggressive in order to generate higher revenue. At the same time, they should stay away from badgering customers with irrelevant ads or promotions. They need to strike a balance and encourage customers to make purchases at the right moment. Companies can use Zoho CommandCenter to deliver personalized sale messages to their customers for products they are actually interested in.

This journey capitalizes on three opportunities to generate more sales for an ecommerce platform: when a customer abandons an item in their cart, when an item on their wish list goes on sale, or when an item in their cart or wish list is low on stock. For items abandoned in the cart, two reminder messages are sent over a week. If it is the first or second time a customer has abandoned an item, a discount is sent to encourage them to complete their purchase. Similarly, when an item goes on sale, all the customers who have it on their wish list are notified and a follow-up reminder sent. If a cart or wish list item goes low on stock at any time, an alert is sent to the customer. If the item goes out of stock, an email is sent to notify the customer and present them with similar items. If an order is placed by clicking on links in any of these alerts, the company records are updated to track the business generated. If a customer does not respond to any of these sale messages, the attempt is marked unsuccessful and the reminders are stopped.

Compare and identify the best sales strategy

Different strategies may work for different companies. With this journey, a company can analyze how well each of their strategies perform and compare them to identify which works best. The insights gained can also help improve the strategies. For example, companies can study the effectiveness of offering a discount code and choose whether to continue offering it or not.

What happens behind the scenes?

CommandCenter integrates with the company's website and app to track when users add items to their carts or wish lists, and notify them when these items are on sale or low on stock. CommandCenter also reads signals from commerce, ERP, and FSM systems to track orders from creation to delivery, to give users a comprehensive look into customers' journeys.


Some of the integrations are not available out-of-the-box, and need to be built using Zoho's Open API. If you need help integrating CommandCenter with any of the platforms you use, contact us at