This is a guest post by Georgiana Laudi, Director of Marketing, Unbounce, a self-serve hosted service to create, publish & test promotion specific landing pages without the need for IT or developers.

As a marketer, maximizing the value of your budget is second nature. As a smart marketer, you know that increasing your conversion rates is the way to do this. Building and optimizing targeted lead gen landing pages will give you better ROI and more leads from less traffic. But this usually means relying on IT which can be a slow (and painstaking) process.

Good news!

Unbounce is the easiest way for you to build, publish and test targeted landing pages without the bottleneck of IT.

This means that you and your team can focus on getting the job done: creating, measuring and optimizing your campaigns for higher ROI. You will still charm your leads into long-term, faithful relationships like, let’s-pick-out-curtains, long term which with Zoho CRM is a snap.

That’s why Unbounce now integrates with Zoho CRM.

Zoho is an industry leading CRM and incredibly popular among the Unbounce faithful. And we’re thrilled that you can now enjoy the two together.

How Zoho CRM & Unbounce Work Together:

How to Integrate Unbounce with Zoho CRM in 90 Seconds:

It’s so easy to integrate that you probably won’t need it, but for the full support article click here.

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  1. Georgiana

    Hi Mike!Do you mean how many forms can you use on a single landing page, or in total? If it’s per page, just one, and this is inline with our conversion best practices that there should only be 1 action for a visitor to perform per landing page. If you mean in total, it’s unlimited. :)We have just started offering weekly webinar/demos on how to use Unbounce, they’re starting this week! Register here: You can also of course just visit…Hope that helps and thanks for your interest!

  2. Georgiana Laudi

    Hi Brandon, Yep, you can do almost anything you can imagine. You can add HTML & Javascript and databases can be called on. I definitely suggest reaching out to our success team to get more granular about what can be done though. You can reach out to them at Hope that helps!

  3. Brandon

    Hi, I was just wondering if the this service gives me options to add certain web languages into the landing page to make the page look even better and also set up databases for newsletters or placing a payment. For example, a programming language like PHP MySQL or ActionScript for Flash websites?

  4. mike

    hello, I just wanted to ask can you use several zoho forms and which plan do you need from zoho for this to work? can you point me to an unbounce tutorial /form where i can learn how to use unbounce? thanks!!

  5. mosquido

    I didn’t mean to diminish unbounce. It really is an excellent “landing page” builder, tester, and optimizer. Yes, I can create landing pages on a Zoho Site, but they won’t be as persuasive or converting as a page built with unbounce.

  6. Georgiana Laudi

    Hi Cynthia, all Unbounce plans (even free) will let you connect your landing pages to Zoho CRM, be sure to check out the video above to see exactly where to add it.

  7. Georgiana Laudi

    Hi Randy, yep, this integration is available at any plan level (even free). Be sure to reach out if you have any other questions!

  8. Georgiana Laudi

    Hi mosquido, you’re right, there are lots of landing page builders out there, Unbounce is a little different though in that it lets you build, publish and test your pages for maximum conversions. We really do focus on making landing page optimization and conversion rate optimization super simple. It also makes it really simple to manage your pages, and tie them to tons of marketing tools you’re already using. If it’s something you’re interested in, I really encourage you to try it out (even with a free plan) to see for yourself.Thanks for commenting 🙂

  9. mosquido

    It seems to that Zoho Sites can do most but not all, of what unbounce does. Like unbounce, Zoho Sites is a drag-and-drop, page/site builder and hosting service combined; it also has Google analytics built in, and forms on Sites pages are already integrated with Zoho CRM.

  10. Cynthia

    Which Unbounce price package do you have to have for the integration to work?

  11. Randy W

    Does this work with all levels of unbounce?